Simple style decoration Meitu 52 flat wedding room

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Simple style home decoration is the mainstream style of social decoration today. How can we sit in a simple but not simple design. This requires a unique creative design to be displayed in the details of the home. Today, Xiaobian recommends 52 square meters of simple style decoration pictures. The simple and refreshing wedding room decoration space deeply attracts our attention. Let's see how it does it

simple style decoration

simple style decoration pictures, the porch design at the entrance of the living room, with yarn glass to dissolve the geomantic taboo of the hall evil, while retaining the advantage of light transmission

simple style decoration

simple style decoration pictures, unique porch decoration. Lucky grass shaped shoe cabinet door is not only a shape, but also a vent, but also a handle. It has multi-functional uses and is more convenient to use

simple style decoration

simple style decoration pictures, the shape of the wardrobe and the shoe cabinet echo each other, and the other side of the two cabinets is used as an electrical cabinet, deliberately separating the top blocks with different colors, so as not to have a sense of oppression

the cabinet on the main wall of the TV is full of storage, with simple style decoration pictures. After being decorated with door pieces, it does not appear messy, and the space is still fresh and tidy

editor's comments: modern simple decoration is the most popular decoration style today, which is most suitable for friends who like simplicity





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