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From July 8 to 11, 2013, Weiyi customized furniture made a heavy debut at the 15th China (Guangzhou) International Architectural Decoration Expo. In this Construction Expo, Weiyi joined hands with Li Bingbing, the new image spokesperson, to help upgrade the brand in the past ten years and create a new mileage of Weiyi marketing

nearly 100000 people visited the four-day exhibition

according to statistics, this China Construction Expo welcomed nearly 100000 visitors, with an unprecedented scale. In just four days, from the opening to the closing, the merchants who came to visit Weiyi 10.2 hall and Weiyi 4.2 hall every day were like flowing water in the river

the aroma of coffee and the delicious popcorn are all over the Weiyi exhibition hall. The customers who came to visit, while praising Weiyi's services, also gave great affirmation to Weiyi's projects, the design of the exhibition hall, and the planning of activities. In the marketing field, Weiyi customized furniture is listed as a successful marketing case to share the exhibition mode of Weiyi

since taking part in the China Construction Expo for the first time in 2004, Weiyi strives to be novel and pays attention to the uniqueness of experience in every exhibition; Take the update of products, the improvement of models and customized details as the top priority of each exhibition content; With a warm and cordial smile, we serve the guests from all over the world

on the 10th anniversary of Weiyi, join hands with Li Bingbing to launch large-scale marketing

this year's China Construction Expo has many highlights, and its exhibitors and exhibition scale are the largest of all previous China Construction Expo. As a leading brand of customized furniture in China, Weiyi has also ushered in the tenth year of brand establishment this year. Therefore, in this Construction Expo, Weiyi custom furniture took the brand image upgrading as the biggest highlight of the exhibition, and spent a lot of money to invite international superstar Li Bingbing as the new generation of product spokesperson, committed to brand upgrading and launched large-scale marketing. Ten years is not a long time for an enterprise, but for an enterprise that grasps the pulse of the times, ten years can do too much. Today, Weiyi customized furniture is seizing such an opportunity in the past decade to focus on brand upgrading and industry influence

Uyghur people, know home and love home

the spirit of Weiyi can be seen everywhere through the hurried figure of the four-day exhibition. The importance that Weiyi customized furniture attaches to "execution", the promotion of "competition" and the creation of "home" atmosphere are all highlighted in this exhibition

as the spirit of Weiyi, "execution, competition and home" embodies Weiyi's corporate culture and is the core cornerstone of Weiyi people's unity and cooperation to the last moment of the exhibition at the Construction Expo. This spirit is embodied in the work of every Weiyi member participating in the exhibition. They warmly received every customer who came to watch the exhibition and talked with every customer with a smile. They are persistent, enthusiastic, hardworking and serious, brimming with young passion

thank these Uyghur people who love "home"! It is your hard work that has made Weiyi a success in this Construction Expo. At the same time, thank all the franchisees who support us. Weiyi will continue to work hard and lead you to create more wealth and open a new mileage of Weiyi marketing





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