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Modern young people who are not majoring in decoration rarely have a good understanding of housing decoration knowledge. It is even different how to decorate a new house, which is not only beautiful and affordable, but also suitable for home

before decorating the new house, new people should understand how to decorate the new house, not only according to their own preferences, but also how to be ventilated and suitable for living

how to decorate a new house 1. Furniture selection is the key

furniture selection is the key. If furniture can be used for many purposes, it is best to choose one that can adapt to various changes. The aesthetic feeling of home is also related to home. We should choose a home with better material and better appearance, which can add color to the home

how to decorate the new house 2. Choose the sofa appropriately

don't choose the sofa depending on its size. Choose according to the size and type of your house. If the living room is small and rectangular, choose the couch. It's best not to choose the one with a corner. For a rectangular house, choose the sofa with a corner. The corner looks a little abrupt

how to decorate the new house 3. The decoration should be simple and beautiful.

the feeling at home is simple and warm. Don't choose miscellaneous decorations. Many memorable photos or souvenirs can be used as decorations at home, which can also save a part of the decoration money. You can also put more plants at home to add infinite vitality to your home

how to decorate the new house 4. Wall treatment is also very important

the wall of the bathroom should be waterproof, and about 30 cm high waterproof paint should be made on the wall to prevent water from seeping through the wall. However, if the wall of the bathroom is a non load-bearing light wall, the whole wall should be fully coated with waterproof paint. The walls in other places can be decorated with some wallpaper, such as the living room, bedroom and study

how to decorate the new house 6. The joints should be painted in place

the joints between the toilet wall and the ground, as well as the joints between the water supply and drainage pipes and the ground, are the most prone to problems. During the construction, you must urge the workers to deal with these corners, and all waterproof coatings must be applied “ In place ”. Only in this way can it be better waterproof and last longer

how to decorate a new house 7. The bedroom must have the main color

in family decoration, the color of the whole bedroom, including decoration, furniture, cloth art, decorations, etc., has a large color contrast. The color should be matched properly to make it look harmonious, warm and homely




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