Two workers in Shenzhen fell on the fourth floor d

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Two workers in Shenzhen fell on the fourth floor when decorating the outer wall. One died and one was injured. At noon on the 7th, a safety accident occurred in Pingdi street, Longgang District: two workers fell from the fourth floor while decorating the outer wall of a residential building, resulting in a tragedy of one death and one injury

the time of the incident was more than 12 noon that day, and the location was No. 87, 19th community, Pingdi street. According to witnesses, at that time, two workers were engaged in the decoration of the outer wall and pasted porcelain chips on the outer wall. After the small crane lifted them up, they suddenly fell from above. It is estimated that the safety measures were not done enough and the crane was not fixed properly. "At that time, there were only three sounds of 'Bang Bang'. When I came out, I saw that the winch, shelves and people all fell down. One worker died on the spot, and the other worker was sent to the hospital for treatment." Witnesses said

yesterday, Pingdi street said in a statement sent to reporters that at about 12:10 on December 7, a casualty accident occurred in the decoration project of a residential building at No. 87, community 19, Pingdi street. It is suspected that due to improper operation, two construction workers fell from the fourth floor, causing one worker (Chen mouquan, male, 51 years old) to die on the spot, and the other worker (Yang mousheng, male, 52 years old) to be injured. He was sent to Longgang Central Hospital in time, without life danger





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