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Under the careful planning and operation of Chen Weiping, general manager of muster's flagship store in Ma'anshan, muster has recently been rated as "China's whole wood customization industry demonstration store" by China Building Decoration Materials Association

under the careful planning and operation of Chen Weiping, general manager of muster's flagship store in Ma'anshan, muster's whole wood home decoration has recently been rated as "China's whole wood customization industry demonstration store" by China Building Decoration Materials Association

as the first brand of one-stop customized home furnishings in China, muxter has been adhering to the mission of spreading the world's classic home furnishing culture since it entered the market, focusing on product design innovation and the improvement of quality service, providing customers with the highest quality, most affordable and most tasteful whole wood home furnishing products, abiding by its commitments and thoughtful service, winning the unanimous affirmation and love of domestic consumers, and its performance is booming, And was elected as the executive chairman unit of China whole wood customization Association and the standard setting unit of whole wood furniture

MOST. Muster is a whole wood customized home furnishing brand under the United beauty decoration Group in Hong Kong. The two production bases are located in the beautiful Liaobu Town of Dongguan and Longxi town of Huizhou respectively. The enterprise plant covers an area of more than 200 mu and has more than 2000 employees. Meizhuang group's business spans four major fields: building materials, home furnishings, real estate and machinery, with strong strength and good reputation. It is for this reason that Chen Weiping chose muster, taking united beauty ornaments as his home and muster whole wood furniture as a part of his life

Chen Weiping is very confident in the domestic whole wood market. Because with the great development of China's national strength and economy, there are more and more high-end customers in the home decoration market. The single and ordinary products of the home decoration city can no longer meet the needs of high-end customers (the style, size, color, grade, etc. are difficult to coordinate and unify). They need high-grade and personalized private enjoyment, while the one-stop customized home is just in line with this group, which integrates home consultants, conceptual design With the integration of overall supporting, customized production, distribution and installation, and after-sales care, the noble owners can have high-end and high-grade customized wood furniture on the premise of saving time, worry, effort and money, and reward their extraordinary and successful life

Chen Weiping regarded Ma'anshan store as a lifelong career and invested too much energy and enthusiasm. Having a relatively good understanding of furniture, decoration and marketing, he was not satisfied with his professional proficiency, but insisted on self-study, classes and training, and did not miss every opportunity for progress and growth. Over the years, Chen Weiping has been praised as "an expert among experts" by friends and peers

(mustard flagship store in Ma'anshan)

Chen Weiping also attaches great importance to team building, sends his subordinates to training and learning, and invites experts to give lectures to subordinates to boost the rapid growth of employees. He also formulated a scientific and humanized personnel assessment system and bonus incentive policies, and regarded each subordinate as his family. Employees' birthday parties, year-end bonuses, paid holidays, official travel When talking about the welfare of Ma'anshan store, the employees' faces burst into happy smiles. In work, this is a team with a strong style, strong principles, loyalty and dedication, hard work, unity and enterprising. It's hard for such a team to succeed

since muster entered Maanshan, Chen Weiping and his professional team have vigorously inherited the European and American cutting-edge design concept advocated by the company, pursued the policy of "quality first, customer first", provided customers with the best products and services, and are deeply trusted and favored by high-end customers of Gangcheng

in Chen Weiping's mind, whole wood customization is a technical activity, which perfectly connects the abstract things of design customization with the on-site installation environment. The size is often accurate to cm or even mm, and there can be no mistakes in material, shape, size and color! The materials should be better, the design should be perfect, the product quality should be better, the installation technology should be better, and the connection and cooperation should be better. The so-called timing, geographical advantage, and human harmony cannot be lacking. Only by paying more attention and efforts than others can we achieve better and perfection. Love the whole wood industry, study hard, pursue perfection persistently, not be confused by material desires, never pass inferior goods for good, confuse false with true, and strive for perfection in every project ---- this is Chen Weiping's solemn oath to customers as the elite and backbone of Musite

in this era of "low price is king", the big brand of whole wood that pays attention to "high quality, high design, excellent material and pure handcraft" has been impacted to a certain extent. In the home building materials market, there are countless miscellaneous brands, tens of thousands of small decoration companies, small factories and workshops, which blindly seize the market at low prices, shoddy, false, ignore environmental protection and health, fish eyes mixed with pearls, swagger

(mustard Ma'anshan store: the beauty of the whole wood case)

in view of this situation, Chen Weiping sincerely invited many customers to visit the store and introduced Mustard's products to each customer in a comprehensive manner, from the process -- Design -- drawing Deepening -- material selection -- health preservation -- production -- paint -- assembly -- Packaging -- delivery and other processes, and introduced in detail the advantages, performance and price of all kinds of wood, mustard's pure hand carving, environmental protection coating Various test indicators and various comparison data with low-end products of small companies make customers feel the professionalism of muster and the perfection of all links, so as to recognize and choose big brands

general manager Chen Weiping has always regarded mustard whole wood furniture as a lifelong career and led his business team to move forward, with outstanding performance and wide praise. In order to set an industry benchmark, guide the end service of the whole wood customization industry to a higher level, and maximize the brand communication, local influence, reputation and comprehensive operation ability of the whole wood customization dealers, the China Association of building decoration materials, after the research and decision of the Secretariat, has specially awarded the flagship store of Maanshan, muster as the honorary title of "China's whole wood customization industry demonstration store"

mustard headquarters, mustard hereby extend warm congratulations and recognition to President Chen of mustard flagship store in Ma'anshan




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