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Another important identity of Peng bin, former director of the development and Reform Bureau of Yongshun County in Western Hunan is "successful businessman". Peng bin was also "targeted" by the Xiangxi Prefecture Commission for Discipline Inspection for obtaining special funds for afforestation and decorating his foot washing city in Changsha. Xiangxi Prefecture Commission for Discipline Inspection said that Peng bin and other cases involving special funds reflected loopholes in the management and use of special funds

In August 2012, Peng bin was sentenced to 16 years' imprisonment by Xiangxi intermediate people's court for corruption and bribery of more than 4.61 million yuan. Peng refused to appeal to the Hunan high court. On May 28, 2013, the second instance of the case opened

On the morning of May 28, Peng bin, 50, was brought to court by the bailiff in Jishou people's court

Peng bin is not tall, with white hair mixed in his hair. He speaks Mandarin with Yongshun accent to answer the questions of the prosecutor and the judge, and his thinking is very clear

From March, 2005 to February, 2010, Peng bin served as the Secretary of the party leading group and director of the development and Reform Bureau of Yongshun County, and also served as the deputy commander of the construction headquarters of the Wanping Yanjing highway reconstruction project. In October, 2007, he also served as the member of the leading group and the director of the Office (hereinafter referred to as Gong Tui Office) for consolidating the results of returning farmland to forests in Yongshun County, and the deputy leader and director of the office of the red tourism leading group in Yongshun County

the first instance of Xiangxi intermediate people's court found that Peng Bin took advantage of his position and embezzled 3.4265 million yuan of public funds by means of embezzlement and fraud, seeking benefits for Wang and other businessmen, accepting 1.19 million yuan of bribes, and sentenced him to 16 years' imprisonment

Peng bin refused to accept the judgment and appealed to the high court. He believed that 700000 were "loans" and could not be regarded as bribery. In addition, he also said that during his detention, he reported crimes committed by others and performed meritorious deeds, so he should be given a lighter sentence

in the name of reimbursement of fertilizer funds, Peng bin had no objection to the facts of corruption determined by the court of first instance

at the end of May 2009, Peng bin was short of funds for the renovation of the foot washing city he operated, resulting in the idea of obtaining funds for the consolidation of the project of returning farmland to forests. Peng bin used the reimbursement of fertilizer invoices and other methods to obtain the Gong refund funds, and took 3.14 million yuan as his own

PENG bin asked businessman Wang and another agricultural materials company to find the fertilizer invoice. After Peng signed the invoice, he asked Gong Tui, the deputy director of the office, and the cashier to report to Yongshun County Finance Bureau in the name of Yongshun County Forestry Bureau applying for payment of follow-up industrial project funds. In July of the same year, Yongshun County Finance Bureau sent the money to Yongshun County Forestry Bureau, which then sent the money to Wang and the agricultural materials company. Peng bin called the cashier to urge the agricultural materials company to transfer the money to Wang, who then sent the money to Peng bin. Of the funds obtained by Peng bin, 2million were used to operate foot washing city

in addition, Peng bin also defrauded the Gong refund fund of 100000 yuan on the grounds of adding project funds to the project contractor, and falsely listed expenses with others to obtain 180000 yuan of work relief funds

in order to cope with the audit of Xiangxi Prefecture Commission for Discipline Inspection, Peng bin asked someone to make a set of false materials, falsely increasing the afforestation area of more than 1000 mu

on July 7, 2011, Peng bin was criminally detained on suspicion of corruption and was arrested according to law on the 21st of the same month

the court submitted meritorious service materials to request a lighter sentence

the first instance verdict Peng bin accepted bribes in three cases, totaling 1.19 million yuan. Peng bin objected to the 700000 yuan in the first installment

Yongshun County Development and Reform Bureau has been doing business with a local cement company, where it purchases cement every year

in October 2006, Peng bin borrowed 300000 yuan from a person in charge of a cement company and agreed to borrow from a certain

in January 2009, Peng bin borrowed another 400000 yuan from a commercial house on the grounds that he was short of funds to participate in a commercial house

"this 700000 is a loan." Peng bin repeatedly insisted on his views in court. At the same time, he also submitted a fact sheet issued by Jishou Criminal Investigation Brigade to the court, saying that during his detention, he heard the inmates talk about Liu's robbery and intentional injury, and reported this clue to help the police catch the suspect. Peng bin requested the court of second instance to recognize his "meritorious act" and give a lighter sentence. However, the prosecution believes that the evidence can only be determined after the investigation and verification of the Senate for economic cooperation

after a morning's trial, the court announced that it would deliver the sentence on a selective date

the first sum of money

the special fund is so embezzled

first step in early May 2009, Wang borrowed money from Peng bin to repay the loan. Peng bin plans to withdraw 3.4 million yuan from the finance through reimbursement of fertilizer invoices

in the second step, Peng bin asked Wang to find the invoice, but because Wang had only 1million fertilizer invoices, Peng bin contacted Peng and Fu of Yongshun supply and Marketing Association and asked their Xiangnong agricultural materials company to provide about 2million yuan of fertilizer invoices. Peng bin promised to give the other party 20000 yuan

in the third step, Peng bin found Peng, director of Yongshun Forestry Bureau and deputy director of Gong Tui office, and proposed to allocate some fertilizer funds per mu for the forest built by Wang. The latter disagreed at first. But because Peng bin insisted, he no longer objected, and agreed to Peng Bin's request that the money go to the account of the forestry bureau

step 4 in early June 2009, Peng bin signed the chemical fertilizer invoice submitted by Wang. On June 15, Li Li (cashier of Gong Tui Office) reported 3.4 million yuan of fertilizer to Yongshun Finance Bureau in the name of applying for payment of follow-up industrial projects. At the beginning of July, Yongshun Finance Bureau transferred 1408120 yuan and 1991880 yuan to Dayang chemical fertilizer company and Xiangnong agricultural materials company through the seedling center of Yongshun Forestry Bureau. Dayang fertilizer company transferred the money to the account of Wang Yongshun Yuanzhi natural essence company. Peng bin asked Li Li to urge Xiangnong agricultural means of production company to transfer the money to Wang. After deducting 20000 yuan, Xiangnong agricultural means of production company transferred the balance to Wang's company

step 5 after Mr. Wang obtained 3.38 million yuan, Peng bin repeatedly urged Mr. Wang to repay the money quickly and refinance as soon as possible, and handed over 580000 yuan to Gong huiban with the rest to him

step 6 on July 15, 2009, Wang returned the bank's 5million loan and applied for a loan again. On July 20, Wang obtained a loan of 5million yuan and paid 580000 yuan to Li Li on the same day. On July 22, Wang transferred 2million yuan to Peng Bin's bank card. After the transfer, Wang said that with 800000 yuan lent to Peng bin in June 2009, 580000 yuan given to Li Li, and 2million yuan, all the loans of 3.38 million yuan have been returned. Peng bin expressed his approval. After that, all the 2million yuan was invested in the construction of Peng Bin's foot washing city

the second sum of money

in the first half of 2009, Peng bin and the director of forestry of Yongshun County agreed that the forestry bureau and Gong Tui office would take part of the funds respectively. The forestry bureau signed false seedling purchase contracts with a number of seedling farmers to obtain funds of 2.04 million yuan, Gong Tui office was divided into 1million yuan, of which 346500 yuan was transferred by Peng bin to his cousin to invest in the commercial housing development project he and his cousin invested together


the management of special funds needs comprehensive tracking and supervision

in recent years, the discipline inspection and procuratorial organ of Xiangxi Prefecture has investigated and dealt with a number of cases involving special funds. The State Commission for Discipline Inspection once told the media that there are still some problems and loopholes in the application for project approval, plan distribution, fund management and use of special funds. The main reasons for the non-standard operation and management of special funds are the lack of project fund performance evaluation and feedback system, the financial management only pays attention to the reimbursement and allocation, does not evaluate the effect, and some departments and units only ask for money, not focusing on efficiency. In addition, the methods of supervision are backward, with more surprise and special inspections and less daily supervision; More post inspection and less pre and in-process supervision; There are more inspections on a certain matter and link, and less comprehensive tracking and supervision. The handling of responsible units and relevant responsible persons is insufficient, and the costs and risks of violations of rules and disciplines borne by the responsible persons are small

in 2011, Xiangxi Prefecture Commission for Discipline Inspection issued the Interim Measures for the supervision responsibility system of discipline inspection team leaders of special funds, which stipulates that the procedures of project initiation, application, plan allocation, allocation and use of special fund projects must be subject to the supervision of discipline inspection team leaders; The appropriation of special funds shall be subject to the countersignature system. Without the countersignature of the discipline inspection team leader, the financial department of the unit shall not handle the appropriation procedures; The special fund supervision implements the major problem reporting system. The discipline inspection team leader should stop and urge the unit to correct the problems found in the supervision in a timely manner. If there are major problems, they must be reported to the discipline inspection and supervision organ at the same level in a timely manner

the measures also stipulates that if the discipline inspection team leader fails to perform his duties or fails to perform his duties, resulting in the violation of laws and disciplines in the funds managed by his unit, the discipline inspection and supervision organ will criticize, educate, admonish and talk to him, or even investigate the responsibility of Party discipline and government discipline, depending on the seriousness of the case. Our reporter Liu Zhijie and intern Meng Baole reported from Xiangxi




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