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Tianrui provides a special detection scheme for "poisonous cowpea"

as a leading enterprise in the domestic analysis and detection industry, Tianrui instrument established the "application method research center" in 2010, focusing on social hot issues, especially social public safety, in order to expect to quickly put forward solutions

in the face of the recent phenomenon of "poisonous cowpea" in various places, "blood lead" and "gutter oil" in Hunan, Tianrui instrument actively organized experts to put forward analysis and detection technologies and issued solutions. It will be announced one by one in the near future

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the problem in the "cowpea" incident in Hainan Province was the residue of highly toxic pesticide - Isocarbophos in cowpeas. Isocarbophos (Isocarbophos) is a quick acting broad-spectrum insecticide and acaricide, also known as carboxyphos, which plays an important role in agricultural pest control. However, it is expressly stipulated in various materials that it can not be used for vegetables. Aquathion was found in vegetables in Hainan, resulting in poisonous vegetables

if the steel parts of lc310 produced by Tianrui instrument are all replaced by high performance liquid chromatography with carbon fiber composite materials, we provide a solution for the analysis of high toxic pesticide residues in vegetables:

the pretreatment before the experiment mainly refers to ny/t 761 The latest news on vegetables was the news released on June 19 that the 6th inspection team of the Central Committee fed back the special inspection situation to the 5 mines in China. The sample was extracted with acetonitrile, and the extraction solution was purified, concentrated, filtered and ready for use, easily meeting the challenge of pesticide analysis

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