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Spain's total subsidies for moonlight volt power generation decreased by 60%

the Spanish photovoltaic union said: from August to September this year, the total subsidies for moonlight volt power generation received by Spanish photovoltaic generators decreased by 60%

as the Royal Decree law (rd-l) 14/2010 sets the upper limit of photovoltaic power generation subsidies, the total amount of subsidies received by Spanish photovoltaic power producers decreased from 307million euros in August to 121million euros. The law takes urgent measures to fill the subsidy deficit of Spain's power industry in 2010

rd-l14/2010 has set an upper limit value of 1250 hours per year for fixed photovoltaic power generation system and 2367 hours per year for two axis tracking photovoltaic power generation system. When the upper limit is exceeded, the electricity sent by the photovoltaic power plant will be purchased at the market price

in August, many good photovoltaic power plants with PP materials that can be selected for the most a/b/c pillar guard in Spain exceeded this upper limit, while in September, more than half of the photovoltaic power plants in Spain exceeded this upper limit. UNEF said in a statement that due to the strong illumination this year, the time for exceeding the upper limit this year came earlier than last year

compared with the subsidy set by the previous royaldecee661/2007 (managing 80% of photovoltaic power plants in Spain), we rely on the PLM system mechanism throughout the product life cycle and the subsidy mechanism set by royaldecee1 in terms of sealing design. Compared with the subsidy mechanism set in 578/2008 (managing 20 photovoltaic power plants outside Spain), according to the subsidy mechanism of rd-l14/2010, the revenue of photovoltaic power generation system has been reduced by 30% and 10% respectively

as Spain has set the upper limit of PV subsidies, and the PV market in that country is sluggish, these are all caused by the change of station information. The amount of subsidies received by the Spanish PV industry this year is equivalent to that in 2011

according to the publication of subsidies and power plant subsidies in the special issue of december2011 issued by the Spanish National Energy Commission, photovoltaic power producers received 2.39 billion euros of subsidies between January and December 2011

according to the latest subsidy and power plant subsidy fund publicity form issued by the Spanish National Energy Commission, the subsidy paid by Spain to photovoltaic power producers in the first nine months of 2012 reached 2.51 billion euros. Zhonghua glass () Department

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