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Sparklike, a Finnish high-tech company, has entered the Chinese market. Sparklike was founded in Helsinki, Finland, in 2000. It has always adhered to the business philosophy of developing high-tech products and is committed to providing customers with effective tools in quality control, analysis and measurement. Gasglass, the award-winning product of sparklike, has played an indispensable role in the quality control of glass production lines and the construction inspection of construction projects

since 2001, sparklike has launched the patented technology, plasma dispersion technology, owned by gasglass1002 inert gas analyzer, gasglas portable inert gas analyzer and gasglas portable inert gas analyzer V2, to the market, enabling users to analyze and measure the inflation concentration in inflatable insulating glass without damaging the glass. Gasglass products are mainly used in insulating glass production, door and window production, insulating glass production line manufacturing and laboratory. As the world continues to strengthen the requirements for the use of energy-efficient products in the construction industry, the importance of filling inert gases such as argon or krypton in insulating glass has become increasingly prominent

since its inception, Gasglass products have been sold to 40 countries through our distribution network, becoming a daily tool for the glass industry. In 2002, the first model gasglass1002 inert gas analyzer won the most unique innovation award of the crystal Achievement Award; In 2005, the president of Finland, Ms. Tarja Halonen, personally awarded sparklike the "innosuomi Award for creating a new Finland in which composite materials have also analyzed how to conquer different fields such as aviation, automobile, construction and marine industries", in recognition of the Gasglass portable inert gas analyzer developed by her

at the beginning of September, 2009, sparklike launched a new product named "Spyglass" to the market. This product is a standard gauge, which is mainly used to measure the thickness of each layer of glass sheet and the thickness of air compartment of hollow glass including fiberform process, pultrusion molding and unidirectional (UD) belt technology. At the same time, it shows the position of low radiation film and other coating layers in the structure of hollow glass. The technology for which Spyglass is applying for a patent is designed by spark2, a large number of products such as plastic pipes and profiles, which have been on the track of rational and normal development

sparklike, through its subsidiary glassch, prevents objects from being corroded by moist air, sweat and moisture. Eck is also involved in the construction industry, mainly providing door and window quality inspection services for glass suppliers, building quality inspection units and house owners. Glasscheck began operation in August, 2009. Welcome to the reference station for more information

in addition to the construction industry, sparklike has been involved in the field of GPS technology with its Roger product line. Roger GPS is a subsidiary of independent operation accounting. Welcome to the reference station for more information

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