Spain built the world's first renewable energy isl

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Spain built the world's first island using renewable energy

Spain's elhierro island will be built into the world's first island completely using renewable energy. Abb, the world's leading power and automation technology group, recently announced that it will provide leading solutions

elhierro Island renewable energy construction project has a total investment of US $87million, including the construction of wind power and pumped storage power stations, which will eventually provide sufficient power supply for 11000 residents on the island. Elhierro island is located in the Atlantic Ocean, 1500 kilometers away from the Spanish coast. It is the smallest and farthest island in the Canary Islands, a famous European sunshine resort. Like other islands far from land, elhierro island has been using oil tankers to transport diesel oil from the mainland wharf to the island for power generation. This method has a large amount of carbon emissions. Elhierro island produces 18200 tons of carbon dioxide each year only from power generation

The elhierro Island project includes the construction of an 11.5mw wind power station and an 11.3mw pumped storage power station. They can meet 80% of the power demand of 11000 residents on the island, and the remaining 20% will be met through solar collectors and photovoltaic systems

abb is at the core of the project construction, providing leading power and automation solutions to realize the electrification and control of pumped storage power plants, and smoothly integrate the power generated by wind power plants and hydropower stations into the power in the island. The solutions provided by ABB include the construction of a substation equipped with unigear and u medium voltage switchgear with nimix tax burden, which is responsible for transmitting the power generated by the five wind turbines and water turbine generator units to the main substation in the island through the distribution transformer and the relationref670 intelligent protection system

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