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Motor mopu soft starter spare parts

sp1 series soft starter spare parts

(I) thyristors

thyristors are selected according to specific power (horsepower) and withstand voltage

for example: scr-005 (HP) - 380 (voltage) - *. This model refers to a 5 HP, 380V thyristor

* is the code part of the control box. If nema4/12 control box, write E. If it is panel mounting or NEMA, it is unnecessary to write, and it can be left blank

(II) the main control circuit board

the main control circuit board is selected according to the following figures. As shown in the table below, we will introduce the components of the pressure testing machine and how to reduce the error of the pressure testing machine. Dow's new vehicle amine free volatile polyurethane foam solution (zhuhongbo, Asia Pacific Marketing Manager of Dow's Automotive Systems Division) will be used for you

table main control circuit board selection table

horsepower hp208v240v380v415v480v575v1 ~ 15psbpsbpsbpsbpsbpsbpsbpsbpsbpsbpsb1000 -530psbpsbpsbpsbpsbpsbpsbpsbpsb*125psb*150psb**250psbpsb*300 ~ 1000psb** PSB shall be selected for standard level 10 overload protection, and PSB shall be reinstalled for level 20 overload protection

(III) it is difficult for the controller to realize such a large-span transition circuit board in a short time

(1) purchase the equipment used by TCB to make 380V and 415V power supplies. TCB is used for other power supplies except 380V and 415V

(2) fuse used on control board

1)F1——MDL 0.5A 250V。

2)F2——MDL 0.5A 250V。

3)F3——AGC 0.5A 250V。

(IV) control transformer

see the table for the actual power selection of control transformer

table actual power selection table of control transformer

power (VA) horsepower of PS1 series 380V power control transformer nema1 shell nema12 shell with fan and filter

nema12 shell with bypass circuit breaker

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