Spain approves the Canary Islands oil exploration

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Spain approves oil exploration project in the Canary Islands

Spain approves oil exploration project in the Canary Islands

August 20, 2014

[China paint information] according to the financial times on August 13, the Spanish government recently approved the controversial oil exploration project in the Canary Islands, hoping to improve Spain's energy independence. Spanish energy company Repsol has been authorized to set up a drilling platform in the islands. It is estimated that after the completion of the project, the daily crude oil output will reach 100000 barrels, that is, 10% of the unfair oil consumption in Banya at the West pressure tapping point, creating 3000-5000 direct and indirect jobs

the analysts of new energy and battery materials industry of Asiatic chemical consulting told China chemical news that 99% of Spain's crude oil needs to be imported at present, and 40billion euros of bills need to be paid every year. The Spanish government has approved the oil exploration license of Canary Islands in 2012, but some enterprises ran aground due to environmental problems after they had a certain inventory. Jos é, Spanish Minister of industry, energy and tourism, said that the government had studied all environmental impact issues, and the ecological and environmental damage caused by the mining project would be within a controllable range. However, the local government and business groups of the Canary Islands worry that the oil exploitation will have a negative impact on the tourism industry. In 2013, tourists from foreign countries who have been unemployed for a long time contributed 11.7 billion euros to the output of the islands. Tourism is the pillar industry of the Canary Islands

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