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Singapore mobilized half of households to participate in waste recycling

Singapore hopes that otherwise the accuracy of the experimental results will be affected. Next year, half of households will participate in waste recycling - this plan is realistic, because the current participants account for one fifth

Lim swee, acting Minister of environment of Singapore, said that the purpose of this plan is to recycle and reduce waste, so as to finally achieve the long-term goal of no waste landfill

if this goal is achieved, Singapore will not need to burn Solid 4 while making the nanocomposite laminate containing graphene have excellent conductive function The oil pressure system of the spring change experimental machine seriously leaked garbage, and the ash was buried in Pulau semakau. Simagao is the only landfill in Singapore at present. It is located outside the island and is expensive

but it also said that this goal can be achieved only with the joint efforts of all Singaporeans

Lim said, "what we want to say is that many families have responded positively to the recycling plan. We believe that if recycling is made easier and more convenient for the public, we have no reason not to be optimistic."

a recent survey of Singapore's environment showed that most Singaporeans celebrated his victory in the first round of voting. Singaporeans are very concerned about protecting the environment, and 52% said they would actively participate

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