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Since 36 volt voltage is a safe voltage, why not use 36 volt AC

do you know how to calculate the power of electricity? Is VA, that is, voltage times current is power. For example, 220 watts is 220 volts multiplied by 1 ampere of current. If the voltage is 2200 volts, the power of 220 watts only needs 0.1 ampere of current. From here, we can know that the higher the voltage is, the smaller the current is. The lower the voltage is, the more the current is aimed at accelerating the scientific and technological innovation and industrialization development in the field of materials

1. P=uipower is equal to voltage multiplied by current... Power remains unchanged... Voltage decreases... Current will increase...

2 The resistance of the wire r=u/i, so u=ir, the power lost on the wire is p=i*i*r... That is, the greater the current, the higher the power lost in the wire... And it increases in power level...

36V AC voltage is still required to be used in many wet, container and other special workplaces. This is a basic protective measure for personal safety, so it is called safe voltage, However, 380V and 220V for industrial and civil electricity use international standards. Many equipment and household appliances are designed according to low-voltage 220V or 380V. Another reason is that the power is equal to the current x voltage. If the voltage of electrical equipment with the same power is 36V, the current will increase, and the corresponding wires will also be thickened. In this way, the investment cost will increase, which is not conducive to energy conservation, so only 380 or 220V or 380V can be used

① the voltage loss (voltage drop) on the conductor is too large, especially during peak power consumption

② the user's voltage fluctuates greatly, the voltage is unstable, and the user may not reach 10V. Even if the rated voltage of all household appliances is 36V, century plastic company adopts peek to manufacture cylindrical filler, it will not work normally

③ the power loss of the power supply line is too large, most of the power is consumed on the conductor, and there is little power left to the user terminal

④ the economic and social benefits are very poor, so it is not feasible

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