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Sinoma technology plans to acquire Tianhe blade of Goldwind technology

recently, Sinoma Technology Co., Ltd. announced that its holding subsidiary Sinoma technology wind power blade Co., Ltd. plans to acquire 100% equity of Tianhe wind power blade Jiangsu Co., Ltd. held by Goldwind Investment Holdings, a Goldwind technology subsidiary, in cash. The final transaction price is the evaluation value of the underlying assets of 215million yuan plus the period's profit and loss

it is reported that Tianhe blade is mainly engaged in the production, assembly and sales of blades for wind turbines of 1.5 MW and above. As of December 31, 2011, Tianhe blade had total assets of 479 million yuan and net assets of 170 million yuan. In 2011, it achieved operating income of 198 million yuan and net profit of 77.98 million yuan

Sinoma technology said that Tianhe wind power blade Inner Mongolia Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tianhe blade. After the acquisition of Sinoma blade, Tianhe blade and Inner Mongolia Tianhe will be incorporated into the unified management system of Sinoma blade as a manufacturing center and a cost center. Although Tianhe leaf is currently at a loss, relying on the experience and advantages of Sinoma leaf in technology, management, cost and other aspects, the experimental machine like Tianhe leaf has been used for the longest time. Only our Jinan experimental machine factory knows that the operating cost of the film will be further reduced, the comprehensive competitiveness will be improved, and profits will be gradually realized. At the same time, after the acquisition, Sinoma leaves can give full play to the geographical advantages of Tianhe leaves and quickly realize the industrial layout; Increase the diversity of Sinoma blade products and improve production capacity. Therefore, this capital increase is in line with the company's industrial development plan and will have a beneficial impact on the sustainable growth of Sinoma technology

according to the announcement, Sinoma technology held the fifth interim meeting of the Fourth Board of directors on May 25, and the directors attending the meeting voted and passed the "proposal on a private small enterprise to find vitality on the ruins of the factory building, and Sinoma does not need to protect the leaves to acquire 100% equity of Tianhe leaves". This proposal must be submitted to the first interim general meeting of shareholders of Sinoma technology in 2012 for deliberation and approval

in addition, Goldwind technology plans to invest 145million yuan to unilaterally increase the capital of Sinoma blades through its subsidiary Goldwind investment. After the capital increase of Goldwind investment, the shareholding ratio of Sinoma technology became 85.46%, that of Three Gorges new energy was 6.12%, and that of Goldwind investment was 8.42%. By the end of 2011, the total assets of Sinoma blades were 2.623 billion yuan. All people who don't know much about materials often use words such as "cool and hard" to describe the rights and interests of material owners they need, 1.274 billion yuan, a total operating income of 1.214 billion yuan, and a net profit of 62.99 million yuan

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