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Sinopec stopped the refueling preferential private No. 93 gasoline by up to 0.68 yuan

Sinopec stopped the refueling preferential private No. 93 gasoline by up to 0.68 yuan

the international oil price remained at a high level of more than $91 per barrel, which seemed to strengthen Sinopec's determination to reject the price war. Yesterday, it was learned from Sinopec Beijing Petroleum Company and China's macro tax department that Sinopec's more than 600 gas stations have recently suspended preferential promotions, and the only thing left is a discount of 5 cents per liter for self-service gas stations, which is more different from that of developed countries in Europe and the United States

last year, in the face of the offensive of joint venture, private and PetroChina gas stations' preferential promotions, Sinopec central city gas stations once launched over time preferential activities, but since then, the preferential scope has gradually narrowed. At present, even the long-term preferential promotions implemented by gas stations in suburban districts and counties have also been stopped

relevant personnel of Sinopec Beijing Petroleum revealed that since the beginning of last year, the company's market strategy has begun to weaken price competition since it launched its membership card system, especially the research on the causes of mega building fires such as the cultural center attached to the new site of Beijing CCTV, the Jiaozhou teachers' Apartment in Shanghai, and the Wanxin building in Shenyang Imperial Dynasty. At present, all Sinopec gas stations can apply for membership cards free of charge. Every 1 yuan of gas adds up to 1 point, and a total of 10000 can be exchanged for a 300 yuan gas card, which is equivalent to 0.2 yuan cheaper per liter of oil. Sinopec membership card hopes to improve user loyalty in the form of points for gifts, jumping out of a round of price war. Up to now, the circulation of Sinopec Beijing membership card has been close to 60 pairs, and suppliers no longer only pay attention to the price of 10000 cards

according to the analysis of market participants, the strong position of Sinopec in the pattern of gas stations in Beijing is the fundamental reason for its low-key response to the price war. At present, PetroChina has less than 300 gas stations in Beijing, many of which are not directly operated stores, and there are fewer gas stations located in prime urban areas. The total number of CNOOC, joint venture and private gas stations is only more than 200, which cannot challenge Sinopec's market position

after the official price adjustment of domestic refined oil on December 22 last year, the profit margin of gas stations has rebounded significantly, which makes many gas stations compete to launch preferential promotional activities. It is learned that at present, PetroChina Beijing gas stations generally offer discounts, with a straight drop of 0.15 yuan per liter of No. 93 gasoline at gas stations in prime locations such as Andingmen and Xuanwumen; At the joint venture gas station of shell and total, the preferential range of No. 93 gasoline is 0.2 yuan to 0.3 yuan per liter; The preferential rate of private gas stations is generally about 0.5 yuan per liter, of which fengdun gas station near Fengtai West Road has the largest preferential rate, with No. 93 gasoline at 6.49 yuan per liter, 0.68 yuan cheaper than the official retail price of 7.17 yuan

stationmaster Wang of coral Road gas station, who has long implemented preferential promotion policies, revealed that every time the official price of gasoline and diesel rises, it is the biggest opportunity for gas stations to offer preferential promotion space, because all social gas stations have booked thousands of tons of oil from long-term cooperative wholesalers in advance before the price rise

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