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Siemens has released a strategic guide for digital talents to help manufacturing enterprises with their digital transformation.

Siemens recently released a strategic guide for digital talents in industrial manufacturing enterprises to deeply analyze the talent capacity needs and challenges of China's industrial manufacturing industry in the digital era. Based on its strategic thinking and practical experience on talent development on the path of digital transformation, starting from the digital business value chain, Sort out and define the digital post map of industrial manufacturing industry, and creatively propose a digital talent capability model to help manufacturing enterprises accurately establish and improve the digital talent development system, accelerate the adaptation to the development needs of the digital era, and deal with the increasingly severe talent challenges

digitalization is reshaping our work. Digital transformation is not only technological innovation, but also needs to fully empower talent development and create growth thinking. Ma Qing, executive vice president and director of human resources of Siemens Greater China, said that Siemens hopes to help China's manufacturing industry comprehensively promote transformation and upgrading, and make talents become the driving force for sustainable and resilient development, relying on its precipitation and accumulation in the industrial field for more than 170 years and its successful experience in digital transformation

the strategy guide released this time summarizes the digital business of the enterprise into three stages: strategy and marketing, consultation and analysis, and the development and implementation of impact testing machine of Jinan experimental No. 2 machine factory in the process of daily life operation. Digital talents with different abilities are required in different business stages. Based on the analysis of the digital talent positions set up by 40 leading digital companies in the world, and in combination with the development needs of its digital business in many industries, Siemens clearly divides and defines the 16 types of core digital talent positions required in the process of enterprise digital transformation, and draws a map of digital positions, so as to help enterprises sort out and analyze the gap of internal digital talents, Provide assistance for efficient management talents of enterprises

Siemens believes that the ability to establish the digital field is one of the basic qualities that digital talents in current industrial manufacturing enterprises should have. Therefore, compared with the T-type talent capability structure that only includes cross industry and cross field general soft skills (horizontal capabilities) and professional field knowledge and hard skills (vertical capabilities), Siemens creatively proposed the digital talent capability model, that is, on the basis of the T-type capability model, add a vertical capability dimension: Digital knowledge and skills, so as to make enterprises more targeted in talent development, It can effectively combine business needs with current talent status, understand the capabilities of current enterprise talents and evaluate the gap, so as to formulate a digital talent strategy suitable for enterprise development

the digital display electronic universal experimental machine is suitable for users who only seek force value, tensile strength, compressive strength and other relevant data. The guide also summarizes the four step rule for the majority of industrial manufacturing enterprises to establish a digital talent system for industrial manufacturing enterprises based on the experience of Siemens and other leading companies, that is, to check the current situation of talents, formulate a strategic plan for digital talents, draw a portrait of talents in key digital positions Accurately search and locate the demand for digital talents, and design targeted strategies to attract, recruit, develop and retain talents rely on its low base weight. The four step rule will help enterprises clarify their digital talent needs and expand their digital talent team, so as to maintain talent attraction and competitiveness in the fierce market environment

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