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How about the functions of Siemens sn25m831ti 13 dishwashers? Experience of using evaluation

this siemens/Siemens sn25m831ti enters more than 2000 independent household automatic 13 sets of mold production enterprises near chungkou every year. It is recommended by the evaluation, and this dishwasher is planted behind it. Let's talk about the experience: no pollution, low noise, high efficiency

I Experience of Siemens sn25m831ti dishwasher:

this Siemens sn25m831ti dishwasher feels good at first sight. It is a very good dishwasher with simple design, intelligent and convenient, and powerful washing effect! After installation, I tried it three times, and the filthy tea sea was washed clean! Great love, liberate hands and women, and there is no need to waste a lot of time in the kitchen! From the frying pan to the tea funnel are washed bright as new! Regret in view of the long-term development and regret of Chinaplas, the dishwasher was bought late. Don't quarrel with your husband about washing dishes anymore! Friends in need: Please click here to view more user comment details

II Price quotation of Siemens sn25m831ti dishwasher:

siemens/Siemens sn25m831ti imported household full-automatic 13 sets of independent intelligent dishwasher

[at the selling price] 7199.00 yuan

[after the coupon price] 6999.00 yuan


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III. configuration parameters of Siemens sn25m831ti dishwasher:

IV Other users' comments on Siemens sn25m831ti dishwasher:

Siemens sn25m831ti dishwasher has been used once, and it is still very clean. The delivery and installation are based on the appointment time. The dishwasher we bought is directly external, so it is installed quickly. After installation, we learned that we also need dishwashing powder, dishwashing salt and brightening liquid, so we bought another set on the, and it can be used normally after adding it according to the instructions, I have used it once and washed it very clean

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