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Provisions on plastic products for food packaging in China

the food hygiene law of the people's Republic of China stipulates that food containers, packaging materials and food tools 3 Test methods such as PVC pipes with mechanical properties of welded joints up to 1.5m in diameter gb/t 2651 ⑵ 008. Raw materials meeting health requirements must be used for the production of equipment. China has formulated more than 30 hygienic standards for food containers and packaging materials, including the hygienic requirements for raw materials and products used in common plastic containers and bags

because the process requirements of non food plastic products are lower than those of food products, they have price advantages in the market. A considerable number of unqualified plastic bags are concerned that they are used for food packaging and storage today, which is harmful to people's health. Plastic products that do not meet the health standards have problems such as excessive free monomer, unqualified decolorization test, excessive heavy metal content, etc

we appeal not to use colored plastic bags to pack cooked food, snacks and other direct food; Remind businesses and consumers that plastic food packaging materials that meet health requirements should be marked with the word "for food" on the products

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