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Analysis of market status and development trend of ten popular industries

understanding the development status of an industry can learn from its strengths and weaknesses; Only by exploring the development trend of an industry can we take the lead and grasp market opportunities. With the rapid development of China's manufacturing industry, promoting the development of medical devices, instruments, environmental monitoring, biomedicine and other industries is undoubtedly a "labor inducing needle" to accelerate the development of the entire manufacturing industry. Nowadays, with the rapid development of science and technology and the continuous updating of technology, the development of various industries in China is changing with each passing day, and the opportunity is fleeting. Understanding the current situation of the industry, which is composed of the host machine, control cabinet, servo oil source and computer control system, and insight into the development trend has become a key factor to determine whether enterprises can seize the market first. Accordingly, the author sorted out the development status and trend analysis of the top ten popular industries, and let's take a look:


in recent years, the market scale of China's instrumentation industry has achieved rapid expansion. The demand for instruments and equipment in quality inspection, environmental protection, health, agriculture and other industries has increased significantly, providing a huge market for the development of China's instrument industry. It is reported that industrial enterprises above Designated Size achieved a total profit of 4248.12 billion yuan in 2017, an increase of 21.2% year-on-year, and the growth rate slowed down by 0.8 percentage points compared with the month. Among them, the instrument and meter manufacturing industry achieved a total profit of 47.07 billion yuan, an increase of 29.6% year-on-year. In the future, with the rapid development of industrial IOT, cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence, China's instrument industry has great prospects

environmental protection equipment

in recent years, with the popularity of environmental protection, China's environmental protection equipment industry has experienced rapid growth with the support and drive of relevant policies. According to the "environmental protection equipment industry market outlook and investment analysis report and the number of fish will reach 81.299 billion tons" data released by the prospective industry research institute, in 2017, the cumulative output of special equipment for environmental pollution prevention and control in China reached 444000 units (sets), an increase of 8.05% year-on-year; The sales volume was about 432700 sets, with a year-on-year increase of 7.25%. In addition, with the expansion of the scale, the technology of China's environmental protection equipment industry is also constantly improving. It is expected that China's environmental protection equipment industry will maintain a high-speed development trend in the next few years, and the industry prospect is very optimistic

third party testing

in recent years, with the rapid development of domestic economy, the awakening of people's health awareness, and the gradual relaxation of market regulation, the market demand for third-party testing has increased rapidly. Domestic third-party testing institutions have ushered in a golden period of development, and the future prospects are very broad. According to statistics, the number of third-party testing institutions in China has increased rapidly in recent years. In 2013, there were only more than 14000, and by 2016, it has increased by 20481. The proportion of third-party testing in the whole inspection and testing industry is getting higher and higher. In the next five years, the scale of China's third-party testing market will increase intermittently, and it is expected to reach 170billion by 2022

optical instruments

optical instruments are a very important part of the instrument industry and play an important role in various fields. In recent years, China's optical instrument industry has developed rapidly, and the output has increased significantly. In, the output of optical instruments in China fluctuated greatly. In 2014, the output of domestic optical instruments decreased to 76.5405 million units compared with that in 2013. In 2015, with the strong pull of the domestic economic improvement, the output of optical instruments increased significantly; According to forward-looking statistics, the output of equipment in 2016 was about 153.29 million units. Driven by downstream demand, the output in 2017 is expected to exceed 178 million units

medical devices

in recent years, with the development of the medical and health industry, the global medical device industry has a good overall momentum. It is reported that the global sales scale of medical devices in 2015 was 371billion US dollars, and it is expected to exceed 520billion US dollars in 2022, during which the average annual growth rate will remain at 5.20%. With the rapid economic development, China's medical device industry has grown rapidly. The market sales scale increased from 43.4 billion yuan in 2006 to 308 billion yuan in 2015. The industry is in a period of rapid development

food testing

as a social problem and livelihood issue, food safety has attracted more and more attention from consumers. According to the "report on in-depth investigation and investment prospect prediction of China's food safety testing industry in", with the implementation of the "food safety law, thermal deformation temperature is an important temperature condition to be considered in thermoforming processing", higher requirements have been put forward for food safety standards. In the future, food testing products will develop towards high efficiency and portability; Domestic instruments gradually replace foreign-funded products; Enterprise assets reorganization and merger have become three major trends in the development of food testing instrument industry


at present, China's biomedical industry has developed rapidly and its scale is expanding day by day. According to the 13th five year plan for the development of the biological industry issued by the national development and Reform Commission, by 2020, the scale of the biological industry will reach 8 trillion to 10 trillion yuan, and the added value will account for more than 4% of GDP. Compared with the scale of 3.5 trillion yuan in 2015, the chemical foaming method will be realized: the chemical foaming agent will produce chemical changes when heated. The Research Report of China Merchants Securities (18.500, -0.05, -0.27%) points out that the biomedical industry, as one of the seven strategic emerging industries determined by China, has great practical and economic significance. Next, accelerating the development of biomedical industry and improving the overall development level of biomedical industry is of great significance to the development of national economic level

nondestructive testing

nondestructive testing is an industry that develops and expands with the investment of infrastructure projects. China is a large non-destructive testing country, and the production and sales of non-destructive testing instruments are very large. At the same time, the importance of nondestructive testing has become more and more prominent with the process of industrial modernization, and the development of the industry has ushered in opportunities. In the future, for the development of China's nondestructive testing industry, domestic small and medium-sized enterprises should not blindly pursue low prices, but pay attention to technology and quality, so as to create the competitiveness of the industry

intelligent manufacturing equipment

in recent years, the intelligent manufacturing equipment industry has a rapid growth momentum and has initially formed a certain scale. In particular, according to the latest national policies such as made in China 2025 and intelligent manufacturing development plan (year), intelligent devices will usher in a golden period of development during the "13th five year plan". According to China's development plan for the intelligent manufacturing equipment industry, during the 13th Five Year Plan period, the annual compound growth rate of the sales revenue of the intelligent manufacturing equipment industry was 27.23%, and the annual compound growth rate was 24.58%. Forward looking analysis by 2022, the industrial sales revenue will exceed 3800 billion yuan


graphene material is a new material with many advantages, such as high strength, good toughness, high light transmittance, good conductivity and so on. It has great application potential in biomedicine, chemical industry and other fields. It is reported that since 2009, a large number of new inventors have entered graphene related technology fields every year. This shows that graphene related technologies are in the stage of technological growth, and the global R & D investment in related technologies is growing rapidly, which promotes the continuous expansion of the application scope of graphene technology. It can be predicted that in the next few years, the number of global graphene patent applications will continue to grow steadily

it is not difficult to see that with the significant improvement of scientific and technological level and the development level of manufacturing industry, the development momentum of China's instrumentation, biomedicine, intelligent manufacturing equipment and other industries is strong. Through in-depth analysis of the current situation of the industry, understanding the advantages and disadvantages of the industry development, and putting forward strategic reform opinions, we can seize market opportunities and lead the industry to develop in the long-term direction

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