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On May 26, all the towers in the refining area of the acrylonitrile reconstruction and expansion project of Qilu acrylic fiber plant passed the inspection and acceptance. After the construction personnel nervously and orderly filled the channel plate, sealed the manhole, and reinstalled and sealed all the towers

since May 18, the inspection and acceptance team composed of the plant's equipment department, science and technology development center, acrylonitrile workshop equipment, and process group 63 perforated fiber cement board for sound absorption, with the cooperation of Nanjing Engineering Company's personnel, has carried out the inspection and acceptance of the recovery tower (T-104), dehydrocyanic acid tower (T-106) and The four major towers and pressure vessels of the finished tower (t-107) and acetonitrile tower (T-110) are largely due to too many projects launched in the past, and the inspection and acceptance of the internals of the force vessel

the inspection contents include the size of the bottom gap between the downcomer plate and the bottom gap of the tower plate, the height of the overflow weir, the balance of the tower plate, and some problems existing in the construction and installation. In order to make the tower pass the high-quality acceptance as soon as possible, the members of the inspection team optimize the construction and acceptance plan, and carry out construction, inspection and rectification at the same time: such problems as the size and height of the tower plate exceed the allowable error range, the welding of the support ring is unqualified, and the direction of the float valve is wrong or missing have been solved in the construction process; After the completion of construction, if there are a few problems such as the bolts of similar trays are not fastened, and the garbage in the tower is not cleaned in time, contact the construction personnel immediately and urge them to rectify as soon as possible to ensure that every minute of the project progress is not delayed

with the joint efforts of the members of the experience collection team, all the towers and containers in the refining area are reinstalled and sealed in advance to improve the realization of their functions, which is also ready for the purging and flushing of the refining system

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