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Relationship between bearing lubrication purpose and bearing life

2 Service life: it is a general reference to the above three kinds of life. Theoretically, it refers to the fatigue life of bearings. Under normal service conditions, it shows the wear life of bearings. Under abnormal conditions and no defects in manufacturing, it represents the failure life

3. Wear life: the cumulative working time before the clearance of the bearing increases to the specified limit due to normal wear. In terms of the current bearing industry level, the wear life and fatigue life should be, but in fact, the traction motor is just the opposite

4. Failure life: bearing failure is the accumulated working time before losing working capacity

As the heart of the host machine, what is the relationship between bearing lubrication and bearing life? Look at the purpose of bearing lubrication, and you will know:

purpose of bearing lubrication:

1 Extend fatigue life

the rolling fatigue life of the bearing is prolonged if the rolling contact surface is well lubricated during rotation. This is the biggest advantage of lubricating bearings, which can increase fatigue life and prolong bearing life

2. Reduce friction and wear

in the bearing rings, rolling elements and the mutual contact parts of the holder with a 1.05% drop in the final 284, prevent metal contact and reduce friction and wear 1 scope of application

3. Oil can be used to discharge the heat generated by friction or the heat transmitted from the outside for cooling. Prevent the bearing from overheating and the lubricating oil from aging

4. The lubrication of bearings by other colleagues also has the effect of preventing foreign matters from invading the interior of the bearings, or preventing the bearings from rusting, and the decision-making corrosion of Haizheng group

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