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Introduction: in hot summer, come to a cold ice cream. Most people buy ice cream based on taste and brand, and few people pay attention to its ingredients. However, there are more than ten kinds of additives

in order to make the additives look less, some enterprises only write the code when marking. The food additives marked on many ice cream packages are not a clear name, but a numerical code. We can see on the package of a snowman ice cream that the ingredients list on the package of the product shows that it contains emulsifiers (322, 471, 433), thickeners (412, 415, 407), flavor enhancers (621), colorants (150) approved by the State Administration of quality and technical supervision (30) and implemented C). What do these numbers represent? They are like heavenly books

fanzhihong, associate professor of the Department of nutrition and food safety, School of food, China Agricultural University, pointed out that these additives can be divided into four categories: seasoning, coloring, shaping, emulsifying, and they are all essential ingredients for the sweet taste of ice cream

the first is emulsification. Glycerol fatty acid esters and phospholipids are emulsifiers, which can make the texture of ice cream uniform, stable and delicate

followed by shaping. Shaping mainly depends on thickeners, such as sodium carboxymethyl cellulose, xanthan gum, etc. thickeners can make ice cream easy to bite and not easy to melt, instead of turning into large ice cubes and melting as soon as they are taken out

seasoning again. Seasoning requires sweeteners, Acidifiers and essence. Lactic acid and sodium lactate are sour agents, aspartame and cyclamate are sweeteners. Adding these ingredients can ensure sweetness and reduce costs at the same time. Essence plays the role of simulating realistic aroma

is followed by coloring. Bright blue and lemon yellow are colorants

fan Zhihong pointed out that without these additives, the texture of the ice cream would not be uniform, and the frozen state would be as hard as ice cubes. (4) the interface on the plug-in controller must be powered off, which is neither sweet nor flavorful

is the nostalgic old-fashioned ice cream healthier to eat with less additives. In this regard, the above experts from Jilin Agricultural University said frankly that the ice cream with more expensive prices and bright colors on the market contains more additives and pigments with various functions of the software of the spring testing machine, but it will not affect health under the use content specified by the state. The taste of the old-fashioned ice cream is relatively single, and the color is generally white. Although the domestic graphene market is hot at present, the fish dragon mixed with variegated colors does indicate that it adds less additives and pigments, which is relatively healthier. The brighter the color of those colorful ice cream, the more pigments are added, so you should stay away from them as far as possible

Xu Wei, a nutritionist at Wenzhou Central Hospital, said that in many cases, processed food will only be more unsafe without appropriate additives. Food additives cannot be added indiscriminately when they should not be added, nor can they be added when they should be added. Microorganisms are always ready to compete with us for nutrients in food, and oxygen in the air is also ready to oxidize and deteriorate nutrients in food. Processed food without additives is very rare and not very reassuring

we should accept food additives calmly and affirm their contributions to the safety, taste and convenience of food, but consumers should avoid the misunderstanding of excessive pursuit of taste, color and taste, accept the natural characteristics of food, and carefully look at the ingredient instructions on the package, so as to choose food wisely. As for those harmful substances that are not food additives at all, as long as they are added to food, they should be severely punished by law

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