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Sun 400000 tons of duty-free imported paper will soon land in nine dragons, Levin and Shanying to welcome their strong rivals. Release date: Source: packaging zone

in recent years, due to the impact of plastic orders, the white card, copper card, carton board, corrugated paper and other industrial base paper markets have been unanimously optimistic. Paper prices are rising frequently, and new production capacity is emerging one after another

however, due to the price advantage of imported paper, the rapid rise of domestic industrial base paper has also been restrained, which has well protected the stability of the midstream paper packaging and printing industry. The recently signed RCEP agreement means that industrial base paper imported from Southeast Asia, Japan and other base paper producing areas will have a greater price advantage. So, will the days of several domestic paper giants be over

recently, a news about the interaction between the Secretary of sun paper and investors once again sounded the clarion call to the paper market to make the leveling of leverage more stable and enter Chinese Mainland

according to the tonghuashun financial research center on November 23, an investor asked sun paper, Hello, secretary, the company's base in Laos provides the company with production raw materials. Do you need to pay tariffs on the imported raw materials? Or will it be produced directly in Laos and then transported back? What is the proportion of tariffs that need to be paid

the Secretary of Sun Paper replied that the import of raw materials for the Laos project of sun paper is duty-free, and the "Forest Pulp paper integration" project implemented by the company in Laos is progressing steadily. The structure of the products produced and the market positioning and sales targets of the products will be determined according to the actual situation of the project and the development of the market. The company's two high-end packaging paper production lines with an annual output of 400000 tons in the 1.2 million ton papermaking project in Laos are progressing steadily as planned. It is expected that the above two production lines will enter the trial production stage before the Spring Festival in 2021. The company plans to sell the Kraft linerboard produced by the above project to the domestic market. According to the relevant preferential policies, the company will enjoy zero tariff treatment at that time

if the 400000 ton kraft liner paper of Sun Paper Laos company has been imported with zero tariff and developed the utilization technology of the product, considering that the imported raw materials are also zero tariff, its price to strengthen basic research and system construction is bound to be quite competitive

nine dragons, Levin, Shanying, these giants of kraft linerboard, are you ready to accept

according to the information disclosed above, Sun Paper Laos is a super project with a planned capacity of 1.2 million tons. At present, the world-class pulping production line with an annual output of 300000 tons has stably produced pulp, and its operation condition has exceeded expectations

at present, sun paper is continuing to increase its investment in Laos, building projects such as an annual output of 800000 tons of high-grade packaging paperboard production line and an annual output of 400000 tons of recycled fiber pulp board production line

it is expected that in three months, two 400000 ton high-grade carton board production lines of sun paper will be put into operation. At that time, sun paper will take advantage of RCEP to impact the domestic packaging paper market with high-quality and low-cost products

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