The hottest summer wish you a cool and comfortable

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Wish you a cool and comfortable summer

release date: Source: China News Service

the summer solstice is one of the twenty-four MFR festivals that also have a certain impact on the properties of composite materials,

every June 21 or 22 of the Gregorian calendar

1 let's have a look! Depending on the sun, there are many Jinan gold assay experimental machines. When the Yellow longitude is 90 degrees, it is the summer solstice,

at this time, the position where the sun shines directly on the ground reaches the northernmost end of the year

however, the summer solstice is not hot,

"the summer solstice is three gengs and several heads fall."

the ancient Chinese divided the summer solstice into three periods:

one period of antlers, two periods of cicadas, and three periods of Pinellia

the summer solstice is also an important folk traditional festival - "Summer Solstice Festival"

there are folk customs such as worshiping gods and ancestors, avoiding summer ambush,

eating noodles, eating zongzi and so on

at the height of summer,

I only wish you a cool breeze,

rain and dew, and birds sing, and I wish you a cool and comfortable summer

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