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Summer thunderstorm liquid tank departs, and the best-selling products go to the border again

summer thunderstorm liquid tank departs, and the best-selling products go to the border again

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July 22 is in the middle of the solar term, and the weather is extremely muggy. It can be said that "the sun wheel actively promotes its development in the afternoon, and the world is like a flood furnace". Around 4 p.m., suddenly, black clouds turn ink, white rain jumps beads, and a rainstorm pours. At this time, the photos of Lingyu's batch of liquid tank cars were taken, and the tanks were washed particularly brightly in the rain. Looking at the tall and powerful liquid tank cars driving slowly in the rain, it had a unique flavor ~

the vehicles delivered in this batch were the best-selling models of Lingyu liquid tank cars - aluminum alloy oil semi-trailer. Aluminum alloy was used as the tank material to make the weight lighter and stronger. At the same time, the car could load 46 cubic meters of gasoline and 41 cubic meters of diesel, Lingyu liquid tanker is safer, lighter, more economical and better used; On the premise of meeting the requirements of the government, we will meet the loading needs of customers to the greatest extent, and provide strong after-sales support to help them maximize their revenue

it is reported that the owner of this batch of vehicles is a large producer of refined oil at the border port. He has been engaged in export business for many years, has experienced in identifying vehicles, and has also used liquid tanker products of several brands. However, since he became acquainted with Lingyu automobile three years ago, he has been attracted by the advantages of Lingyu automobile since then. Good products can speak. By comparison, the vehicles selected by the customer in the later stage are all Lingyu products, which shows the customer's trust in Lingyu, This is also the inexhaustible driving force for Lingyu automobile to move towards the goal of "canning Beijing Tibet expressway, Beijing Hong Kong Macao expressway, Beijing Chengde Expressway and Beijing Kaifeng expressway are still the sections with concentrated traffic to connect the world"

of course, no matter how good the product is, it also needs later service guarantee. Lingyu is equipped with professional after-sales service personnel to answer questions and solve doubts for customers at the first time, and quickly deal with special problems to ensure the normal use of customers. High quality products and professional after-sales service make customers feel at ease when buying and using, so they naturally love Lingyu automobile

at present, among the large-scale fleet of customers, Lingyu automobile has come from behind, accounting for more than half. Both sides have also become good friends and trusted partners from business. It is believed that the delivery of these eight vehicles will account for only about 1% of the sales on average, which will make the exchanges between the two sides closer and the friendship between them stronger. At the same time, it will also drive other users around to recognize Lingyu brand more

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