Discussion on the making method of resin plate for

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Discussion on the production method of resin plate for label printing

with the continuous development of label printing industry, it has developed from ordinary moving parts to color and multi-color, and the self-adhesive printing machine has also changed from sheet fed to full-automatic web color printing. There are two processes for the plate making of self-adhesive printing machine: flat pressing and round pressing. In terms of plate material selection, both hard base and soft base (polyester base) can be used for flattening, while for circular flattening, only the plate with polyester base can be used to achieve the best printing effect. 1. It can improve the thermal stability of the diaphragm; 2. It can improve the wettability of diaphragm to electrolyte. Next, we will introduce the plate making process of resin plate with affordable price and simple operation

first, let's introduce the equipment for plate making. The resin plate making machine is composed of four systems: exposure, vacuum pumping, plate washing and constant temperature drying. The light source of the plate making machine is usually a side-by-side black light group, and its light source output power is about 360nm. The purpose of vacuum pumping in the plate making machine is to make the film closely fit with the plate, so that the exposed resin plate will not be distorted. The plate washing system of the plate making machine is composed of stainless steel washing tank, soft and hard brush and motor, which can rotate in two directions when washing the plate. The drying oven of the plate making machine requires uniform heating, good circulation, and automatic constant temperature device to avoid overheating

1. Film production

film production is photographed by camera, or typeset by computer, and typeset by laser Phototypesetter. Usually, the negative picture is used, that is, the positive negative picture (negative film) is seen when the drug film is facing up. The density of the light transmitting part of the film should be less than 0.05, and the density of the light shielding part should be greater than 3. If it is lower than this standard, it will lead to exposure of ultraviolet penetrating film, so that the graphics and text part cannot be fully developed. Please do not crease the film. Color line moving parts usually use an electric extension or a laser Phototypesetter to send and arrange films

2. Plate making process

(1) exposure

first cut the plate according to the size of the film. The plate should preferably be mm larger than the film. The vacuum film must be cleaned. If there are dust and stains, remove them with absolute ethanol. Remove the protective film from the plate and make the drug film surface of the film face to face with the drug film of the plate. Turn on the vacuum adsorption and line up the air between the film and the plate. Set the required exposure time. (this time is determined by the light source intensity of the light tube of the plate making machine and the size of the plate making font. If a plate has large and small fonts at the same time, the exposure time should be determined separately: the exposure time of large characters is short, and the exposure time of small characters and thin lines is long. When exposing small characters, the large characters should be covered with a mask, and the vacuum pump cannot be turned off when covering, so as to prevent the plate from being sunken.

(2) 1. Generally, wash

stick the dried plate on the automatic washing board with double-sided adhesive tape, and carry out two-way automatic washing until the plate base is washed (before washing, clean water must be injected into the washing tank, and the washing temperature must be set)

(3) drying

absorb the floating water on the surface of the washed plate with a sponge and put it in the drying box for drying. The temperature is generally set between ℃. The time is minutes

(4) post exposure

after drying, the plate should be exposed again, so that the part with insufficient photosensitivity and incomplete curing can be completely cured in this process, so that the plate can reach the due hardness standard

the above plate making process is the plate making method of resin plate for flat pressing, and the resin plate is made of domestic plate with hard base. Of course, imported polyester version can also be made in this mode. Next, let's introduce the plate making process of the round flattened polyester plate, that is, the fully automatic self-adhesive plaster hammer label printing plate

the difference between the process of making round flattened polyester plate and flat flattened resin plate mainly lies in the equipment. The drum type rotary exposure machine for making round flattened polyester version selects its exposure drum diameter according to the drum diameter of the full-automatic self-adhesive label machine. This plate making machine is exposed by rotating the drum, and the lamps are placed in an arc. After the negative is made, the cut plate is placed on the circular drum for vacuum adsorption. Exposure is carried out after pasting. After exposure, the subsequent plate making process is the same as that of lithography

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