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The summer practice group from Peking University and Australian University visited CRCC Lanzhou

the summer practice group from Peking University and Australian University visited CRCC Lanzhou

China Construction machinery information

10 a.m. on July 27, More than 30 members of the summer Silk Road practice delegation from Peking University and the University of Macau came to the only high-end equipment manufacturing base in Northwest China, located in the fifth national new area, Lanzhou New Area. The pulling force range of 100 Newtons is enough -- Lanzhou company of railway construction heavy industry participated in the investigation

the purpose of this practical investigation team is to understand and collect the relevant information about the construction of the land Silk Road through the inspection and repair welding of various waste materials recycled from other removal projects. Lanzhou new area is the first national new area in Northwest China and the Fifth National New Area in China. It is an important node city on the Silk Road, and its construction and development have received high attention from all parties. Railway construction heavy industry was established in 2007 and Lanzhou base was settled in Lanzhou New Area in 2011. In just a few years, railway construction heavy industry has a decisive voice in the field of shield development at home and abroad, "he explained

in front of the shield machine model display platform of Lanzhou railway construction heavy industry Co., Ltd., the commentator of Lanzhou company introduced in detail the ranking of China Railway Construction in the world's top 500, the development of shield and other high-end equipment of China railway construction heavy industry group, and the main product industry of Lanzhou company. When they learned that the diamond dragon branded with the "China railway construction heavy industry" logo was playing an important role in the construction of underground rail transit in major cities across the country, and that the relevant information about high-end equipment such as shield machines developed by China railway construction heavy industry was publicized many times, especially when they saw the relevant service-oriented enterprises of China railway construction heavy industry on the evening of July 26, the students of the investigation group raised their thumbs one after another and said happily, "you are a great enterprise." For example, between 11V and 32V

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