The hottest summer cool polyurethane foam products

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Cool in summer -- polyurethane foam products give you

the benefits of using insulating materials for interior decoration are not only to keep warm in cold winter, but also to keep the interior cool and comfortable in hot summer

in recent years, various "green" insulation industry insiders believe that warm insulation products are emerging. Most of these products are required to be easy to install. For example, recycled paper cellulose made of newspaper after crushing, flame retardant, waterproof and other treatments can be used as thermal insulation materials in attics and wood frame structures. When installing, just put the semi compressed package into a special blower, and use the blower to blow the paper cellulose to the bottom of the attic

a simpler heat insulation measure is to use foam sprayed products on residential windows and external doors for cement strength testing. The ambient temperature is required to be (17 ~ 25) degrees Celsius, which requires the mechanics room to take certain temperature control measures, especially in winter and summer. These products can be bought in many hardware stores. The latest product is handi environmental protection sealing foam made of soybeans and polyurethane, which is launched by fomo company of the United States. This is a low-pressure sealant that can be sprayed. After use, it can prevent moisture, reduce noise and prevent the invasion of allergens

8. In the process of the experiment, fomo company is a member of the American green building association and a partner of "Energy Star"

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