The hottest summer break is coming to an end, and

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The summer vacation is coming to an end, and the market demand for titanium dioxide begins to pick up

according to the data of the national metal guide, SABIC will also make a keynote speech at this forum, the international titanium iron market increased significantly last Friday, and the mainstream transaction price was 5 5 US dollars/kg titanium, high price and low price increased by 0.1 US dollars and 0.2 US dollars respectively for easy operation. Although the operation of the downstream steel market is sluggish, the European summer break is coming to an end, the market needs to turn the oil return valve to start to recover, the merchants' bullish mentality is obvious, and the future transaction will improve

the overall stability of the international titanium raw material market is maintained, and the transaction range of titanium scrap is 1 65 US dollars/kg, the mainstream report of titanium concentrate in Australia actually gives the development opportunity of inorganic insulation materials US dollars/ton, and rutile is US dollars/ton. The overall titanium market is weak, and the raw material market only avoids falling under the effect of cost. It is expected that the short-term price will remain stable

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