The hottest summers quit the Federal Reserve chair

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Summers said that his further participation in the election will cause more intense turbulence, which is not conducive to the Federal Reserve, the current government and the economic recovery of the United States. The news of its withdrawal triggered a great reaction in the U.S. futures market. Among them, each interface on the machine delivered by NYMEX New York Mercantile Exchange in October is corresponding. The light crude oil futures contract fell by $1.61 to $106.99/barrel within five minutes of opening, a decrease of 1.48%

summers is a famous American economist and director of the National Economic Commission. Compared with his competitors, Summers' remarks were characterized by the market as more hawkish. Earlier, rumors that Obama would nominate summers to succeed Bernanke triggered market turmoil

as of 7:45 Beijing time on Monday, New York jumped to the first place in the world. The latest crude oil was $107.25/barrel, down 0.89%

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