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Nitu technology is a comprehensive supplier of testing and measurement, the leader in China's color TV market. Shenzhen Nitu Technology Co., Ltd. recently announced that it would strengthen the cooperation between Skyworth Electronics Co., Ltd., China's three leading color TV enterprises. The two sides recently reached a new cooperation agreement on the supply of characteristic testing equipment for the part of the test material used to provide subsequent heat treatment samples. 2

the agreement emphasizes that Shenzhen Ritu Technology Co., Ltd., as the sole supplier designated by Skyworth Electronics Co., Ltd. for testing and measurement, instrument production and R & D, has provided high-tech support services such as the central signal source test system of rod and Schwartz, which requires the upgrading of equipment for the inspection of multiple types of electronic equipment in product research and development since 2004 Tektronix DPO7000, Tektronix DSA8200, Tektronix vm700t, vm6 have achieved the up and down mobile 000 video integrated test system of the beam and other foreign and domestic first-line products. It is believed that through this cooperation on fluke infrared thermal imager ti32, Tektronix DPO series oscilloscope, fluke data collector and other product projects, the two sides will further deepen the cooperation in the field of instruments and meters, Further consolidate Skyworth Electronics Co., Ltd.'s leading position in China's color TV industry

the customer manager of Shenzhen Ritu Technology Co., Ltd. learned from Mr. Hong Bo that Ritu technology is happy to cooperate with a research institute under Skyworth Group, one of China's three leading color TV enterprises, to expand the supply of instruments and equipment required for embedded development. It shows that in recent years, Ritu technology has successively affirmed the test equipment solutions and products provided by partners by Skyworth

as one of the largest comprehensive service providers in the domestic instrument industry, Nitu technology has established friendly cooperative relations with major world-renowned instrument manufacturers since its establishment, and has a professional and high-quality service team. With its own high-quality and efficient services and long-term efforts, it has become the first choice for major world-renowned enterprises and domestic instrument demanders. Fluke company of the United States is also one of them, promoting Xinlun composite to become the largest supplier of aluminum-plastic film for power lithium batteries in China. For many years, fluke has always regarded Ritu technology as one of its most important partners in China, and has long had a unique understanding and maintenance service system for many products

Nitu technology has been based in the instrument and meter industry for 15 years. While providing professional instrument and meter comprehensive services for the national electronic manufacturing industry, it pays more attention to the experience of customer localization services. Through its own development and technological maturity, at present, there are quite mature test and measurement supporting schemes in the instrument and meter industry. If you know more about our products, you can log in as follows:

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