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Summer blockbusters are pouring in. North China industrial control tablet computer security network ticket machine

as an entertainment method with high audience, film has become an important project in holiday entertainment, and the trend of the film market has been in the stage of rapid development. Whether senior film fans or film lovers, their attention to the film market is in a very active state. With the advent of the summer vacation, movie scheduling in cinemas is full, and film competition is fierce

the convenience of online ticket purchase has increased the audience inflow of cinemas. In just a few years, the online ticket platform seems to have rewritten the traditional business model of the film industry. With the accelerated development of China's film market, the film ticket platform has also completed advanced development. Online ticket purchase is based on the offline self-service ticket dispenser. There is no need to queue up. You can arrange time and choose movies in advance, which improves the audience's viewing experience

online ticket purchase and offline ticket collection have become the main form of movie ticket purchase.

offline self-service ticket dispenser completes a series of tasks such as ticket issuance, information prompt and information feedback by building a powerful information network. It is the medium of human-computer interaction. The efficiency and sensitivity of the hardware system supporting its normal operation can affect the audience's online ticket purchase experience in many ways, The following performance advantages are required to support the normal operation of the self-service ticket dispenser:

1 The rich external interfaces and network interfaces form a real-time information input and output chain with the external information system and internal hardware system of ticket purchasing, which helps the perfect presentation of the function of the self-service ticket dispenser of ticket purchasing

2. With good industrial performance, it can operate stably and efficiently for 24 hours and adapt to external applications. The revenue of graphite products accounts for only 7%

3. Configure excellent internal hardware such as processors and chipsets to truly achieve low energy consumption and high performance

4. The core functions are modular, and the products need to have good compatibility

5. With large information processing and storage capacity, it can still operate stably and efficiently in the case of high amount of information

in order to meet the many functional demands of self-service ticket dispensers, the industry has consistently used embedded hardware products with excellent industrial performance to help them. After years of market testing, many professional embedded motherboards of North China industrial control have become the choice of many suppliers. The 3.5-inch embedded built-in industrial motherboard emb-3940 based on Intel Braswell chipset is one of the product representatives

North China industrial control products are used for movie ticket dispensers

products are based on Intel Braswell chipset, support ddr3l 1066/1333/1600, excellent performance, low energy consumption, motherboard size is only 146mmx 102mm, compact version, highly integrated functions, rich external service express packaging materials, buried in the soil for 100 years, can not be degraded, meet the needs of China's industrial technology transformation, innovation and upgrading, support VGA + LVDS + DP display interface, It supports independent three display, has strong external compatibility, has excellent industrial level performance, can continuously and stably operate without obstacles in a high-intensity working environment, has highly modular product functions, and can easily transfer core functions

North China industrial control's 3.5-inch embedded industrial motherboard based on Intel Braswell chipset

entered August, the second half of the summer, and the film summer also entered the final sprint. In July this year, the film market handed over nearly 7billion box office transcripts in the summer vacation. Behind the remarkable results, there is a force contributed by the online ticket purchasing system. North China industrial control will continue to use products to help the market. For more product information, please pay attention to North China industrial control Officer:

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