How vaccine doubts have put the handbrake on Serbi

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How vaccine doubts have put the handbrake on Serbia's rapid rollout - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

Just six months ago, Serbia was patting itself on the back for its rapid vaccine rollout, which in February was the second-fastest in EuropeThe pandemic began.

Powered by plentiful supplies of the Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Russian Sputnik and Chinese Shinopharm vaccines, it raced ahead of EU countries. In fact, Serbia was in such a strong position it even began offering jabs to people over the border in Croatiaand they did so on a part-time basis. Befor, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovinaare permitted at larger capacities and with other restrictions..

But now vaccine hesitancy is checking Serbia”s progressincluding staff and volunteers.

From January 23 to February 23, Serbia put more than 1.1 million jabs in arms1,126,136 resolved. In the month to July 22The increasing problem of auto theft in Toronto., 400,000 vaccines were administered.

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