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For the decoration of residential houses, people will pay more attention to the uniqueness and beauty of style, rarely pay attention to the stress of Feng Shui, and only a small number of people will pay more attention to Feng Shui, but in fact, Feng Shui has always been something we must pay attention to, so in Feng Shui, what should we pay attention to in the decoration of residential houses? The following is the related articles compiled by Xiaobian. Let's have a look

what should we pay attention to in Feng Shui of residential housing decoration

what should we pay attention to in Feng Shui of residential housing decoration in 2016

first, we should use God in combination with the fate of the owner and choose furniture of appropriate materials. If you want to choose furniture that can help you get lucky, it is very important to first find the God who likes to use the home owner. Only knowing the owner's God of liking, can we choose and determine the furniture material, color and placement according to the God of liking. Nowadays, there are many kinds of furniture materials, mainly including wood, metal, glass, rattan, software, plastic, artificial board, etc. Therefore, we can choose suitable furniture materials according to the owner's preference. If the owner of the home orders Camptotheca acuminata, the furniture he chooses should be mainly made of wood; If fate likes gold, it should choose metal furniture, such as iron, alloy, aluminum furniture, and so on

second, both functional and practical, unified color matching. In terms of furniture function and practicality, we should fully consider the actual needs and space requirements of home and choose furniture with corresponding functions. In terms of style coordination and unity, one is to pay attention to the unity of color system. The colors between furniture and furniture should be matched reasonably to achieve the effect of harmonious coexistence, rather than the conflict between color systems. This will not only affect the beauty, but also adversely affect the vision and spirit of people at home. The point to be emphasized here is that the furniture color system should achieve harmony and unity on the premise of conforming to the owner's fate, likes and dislikes, so as to play the role of both beauty and transportation

there are 4 pages in total. The first page is 1234. The next page is 3. Make rational use of space and find auspicious directions. After purchasing the corresponding furniture, the next step is how to place it. There is a principle here, that is, the placement of furniture should not only conform to the space utilization, but also be placed in the corresponding auspicious and inauspicious positions according to its nature. For example, friends who like reading must like to put a big bookcase in the bedroom. From the perspective of space utilization, in order to save space, bookcases can be combined or compound. For example, bookcases and desks are integrated, and computers can be placed at the same time. This multifunctional furniture can make better use of space. From the perspective of auspicious position, the desk and bookcase should be placed in Wenchang position, which not only helps to concentrate and gather Qi, but also helps to think and write notes, so that the desk can truly realize its value

reveal the feng shui of residential housing decoration. What should we pay attention to?

first, think more about redecorating

many owners' friends got the key to their new house and couldn't wait to live in it, so they hurried to find a decoration company or decoration team. After jingle 25, they bought furniture and enjoyed their new house. But it didn't take long to find it inappropriate here and inconvenient there. It was awkward to live there by themselves, not to mention good luck. God bless them if they didn't bring disaster. After all, the new house has to live for a long time, and the spiritual and material resources of myself and my family have also been poured into it. If it cannot be properly decorated, it will certainly greatly affect the family's luck. I believe that many friends will quarrel with each other because of the decoration problem, right

so when you get your new house, don't rush to decorate it hastily. You must think more, observe more and compare more, plan well, unify the opinions of your family, and then start the decoration. Of course, it is better to have professional Feng Shui teachers and designers to participate. This is the most important suggestion. Please pay attention to it, because once the house is decorated, it will be repaired and repaired again. The troubles and losses will be very painful

second, pay attention to pattern setting

nowadays, many buildings, especially new houses, are blank houses, which gives us more space for self setting. However, this is not so simple. The setting of each functional room is the key first. Where to make the master bedroom, where to make the children's room, and the arrangement of study and living room are very important. It is best to distribute these according to the fate of the family, which is called "each gets his own place". If the family is in their prosperous position as far as possible, it is certainly conducive to the improvement of the overall family fortune

in addition, when arranging the pattern, we must pay attention to avoid irregular shapes in the room and strive to be square. For some oblique angles, columns, beams, etc., we should try to avoid them in the decoration design. Wrapping, blocking, or making furniture is a better way. Unless the room is too small, we should also consider leaving room as much as possible, and do not arrange it too crowded and complex

third, we should pay special attention to infrastructure

there are four pages in total. Page 1: 1234 page 2: Generally speaking, water, electricity, gas, etc. are all very important infrastructure in the home. Modern decoration is generally hidden in the wall or floor, so we should pay great attention to this problem. On the one hand, these relationships to the daily life of everyone in the family seem simple, but in fact they are extremely important. For example, the sewer in the home is not only blocked, but also brings bad smell. Moreover, it is not waterproof, and there are running, emitting, dripping and leaking, which are even more annoying and irritable. Don't forget that these invisible places will also affect luck. On the other hand, if these infrastructures are not handled well, they will inevitably bring inconvenience to future life. I'm afraid it will also cost a lot of unnecessary money

therefore, when decorating, we must choose high-quality materials, skilled workers and correct design. Furniture and household appliances can be replaced if they are not good. Once these facilities have problems, I'm afraid the whole family will have to toss and turn again, which will not only bring great trouble in life, but also unnecessary consumption of time, energy and money, and even potential safety hazards, so don't take this lightly

fourth, leave more room and space

when decorating, many owners do it according to the idea of "one step in place", but in fact it is not "in place". They often fill up the space, walls and rooms that can be occupied, followed by years of renovation, so Xiaoding suggests that it is better to improve the infrastructure and leave more room for the initial decoration. When some friends decorate, they don't let go of even the smallest corner, but also have to arrange a shelf, flowerpot or something. If the home is too full, it will give people a sense of oppression and bondage. For a long time, it will make the family linger outside and unwilling to return home. I hope friends will pay attention to this

leave more space and walls. With the extension of living time, arrange them according to actual needs, and improve them stage by stage, which will not leave hidden dangers, but also often have a sense of freshness

there are four pages in total, the first page is 1234, and the next page

teaches you how to have financial luck

how to have partial financial luck

1. No matter what partial financial luck is, it is the result of giving priority to others in information or contacts. In other words, as the saying goes, hitting a noble person will help, so you must first have a backer in geomantic omen, otherwise partial financial luck is not prosperous. Ditian Jushi suggests that you check whether there is a backer geomantic defeat at home or in the office

2. In geomantic omen, water is wealth, so making water in your place is also your favorite fortune. Friends who want to make their favorite fortune prosperous can choose more workplaces with lakes, ponds or fountains in the southeast or southwest. Ditian lay believes that such houses are more profitable than wealth, and it is easy to bring cross fortune to work or live here. [north-south house]

3. Friends who want to be lucky in money should keep their state of being always new. In this way, it is easy to be lucky in money. The simplest is to keep the stove at home always new, and keep their wallets and wallets or carry on trading tools constantly new or perfect. In this way, it is easy to be lucky in money

4. You can use some Feng Shui items to promote fortune, or put them at home or wear them with you, which can improve your fortune. You can use some Feng Shui items that are more profitable in nature, such as natural Topaz products [it must be professional or natural to have an effect, and many friends are often not rigorous in this regard]

5. Accumulate virtue and do good deeds, which is also a way to improve fortune. The so-called virtue and wealth coordination, It is difficult for people who are too stingy or stingy to have much money luck, because the money they get from money must be returned to the society in order to continue, otherwise they will go as much as they come. A person's money luck is often related to his mind and good fortune. It is not often seen in life that friends who can spend money can also earn money, but friends who refuse to spend money often have less money

how to make your fortune

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