A man in Fuzhou was cheated 5300 yuan by looking f

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Yesterday, Xiaopei, a young man from Fuzhou, found someone to virtually decorate Taobao online store, but he was cheated by the other party for 5300 yuan

recently, Xiao Pei opened an online shop selling snacks on Taobao. In the course of business, Xiao Pei found “ Double 11 ” In the e-commerce war, in addition to commodities and prices, the appearance of stores is also very important. In order to attract customers, online stores also need to “ Decoration ” To attract attention

at about 12 noon on January 26, Xiao Pei added a person who claimed to help his website with virtual decoration and promotion. The other party said that it could provide online virtual services to help Xiao Pei's online store decorate and use it permanently for free after decoration. The other party also described vividly how the baby should be placed in the store and how the picture information will directly determine the sales of goods. The pages designed or revised by him are not only colorful, but also stimulate consumption. The highest sales can be tripled

Xiao Pei was moved, chose a 5300 yuan promotion and operation package, and then called the other party through Alipay. However, at about 16 o'clock yesterday afternoon, the other party not only didn't help Xiao Pei complete the virtual decoration of the online store, but also when Xiao Pei contacted the other party again, the other party had already hacked Xiao Pei

Xiao Pei found that he had been cheated and called 110 to call the police. At present, the police of Luozhou police station are accepting it. (reporter liuqinghua)




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