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Recently, the housing rental market has become a hot spot in the property market. Favorable policies and hot news about the housing rental market have been published frequently, causing widespread concern in the market. As one of the pilot cities in Jiangsu Province, will Suzhou follow up

"the same right to purchase and rent" led to heated discussion

in July, policies for the housing rental market were intensively introduced. Guangzhou took the lead in proposing "the same right to purchase and rent"; The Ministry of housing and urban rural development and other nine departments jointly issued a document to promote large and medium-sized cities to accelerate the development of the housing rental market; The first batch of two "rent only but not sell" housing land sold publicly in Shanghai was officially traded; Wuxi launched the "rental settlement"...

"the same right of purchase and lease is impossible to achieve, especially in the field of scarce resources." Mr. Li, the operator of real estate enterprises, said that in cities with good economic development and rapid population inflow, both high-quality educational resources, medical resources and social public services are very popular, and it is difficult to achieve "the same right to purchase and rent". From the perspective of "meeting the conditions" set in Guangzhou, it is more to attract talents

Shen Jian, a professor at the Business School of Suzhou University, believes that accelerating the development of the housing rental market is in the right direction, which can return the house to its residential attribute and realize that "the house is for living, not for speculation", so as to curb real estate speculation. In his view, the introduction of "rent only, not sell" residential plots in Shanghai is an innovative measure, which not only solves the "land king" problem, but also increases land supply

Shen Jian said that the central government has always emphasized classified regulation and implementation of policies according to the city, and Suzhou will "make decisions according to its own market". At present, the real estate market in Suzhou is relatively stable, so there is no need to introduce more stringent policies

Zhang Fengyu, who has been engaged in the real estate industry for a long time, also believes that Suzhou is not Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, nor the provincial capital city, and should not follow up the "same right to purchase and rent", which will be based on Nanjing as a reference and be more specific according to its own situation

"purchase and rent simultaneously" on the road

in fact, the pilot "purchase and rent simultaneously" is already on the road in Suzhou

in May, the Ministry of housing and urban rural development published the regulations on the administration of Housing leasing and sales (Draft for comments), which restricts the behavior of all participants in the housing leasing market, and stipulates the rent, lease term, and the protection of the lessee's housing rights, so as to regulate housing leasing and sales and protect the legitimate rights and interests of the parties. Suzhou, which has a good economic foundation, has become one of the six major cities in Jiangsu Province to pilot the "simultaneous purchase and rent"

in June, Suzhou's first "purchase and lease" plot was successfully sold. Plot 15, located in the west of Jujin road and the south of Wanzhuang street, high-speed railway new town, Xiangcheng District, is planned to be used for residence. The plot is relatively superior in location, but no one cares about it. Finally, it was sold at the "base price", because the plot has set "strict" conditions - 50% of the gross floor area can be sold separately, and the remaining 50% can not be sold separately and can only be used for leasing, The lessor must report the information of the lessee to the high-speed rail New Town Management Committee before renting the house

in the view of the industry, the "purchase and rent" plots, half for sale and half for leasing, are conducive to meeting the needs of multi-level housing and enabling more citizens to "live". However, for real estate enterprises, it requires a lot of capital investment, and at the same time, it also puts forward more considerations on the leasing operation ability of real estate enterprises

full decoration is the development trend

when people talk about "the same right to purchase and rent" and "renting and settling in", the Suzhou municipal government recently issued the notice of the municipal government office on printing and distributing the implementation rules (Trial) on promoting the development of prefabricated buildings and strengthening construction supervision. The notice mentioned that new ordinary commercial housing should be fully decorated, and other residential buildings advocate full decoration

"full decoration is a trend in the development of the real estate market." Agency sources said that on the one hand, the full decoration is conducive to energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection, which has been advocated by the government. On the other hand, in recent years, the property market in Sucheng has developed rapidly, and the real estate demand of home buyers has changed greatly. The market is in the period of "product upgrading", which is bound to require real estate enterprises to adjust the housing structure and improve the housing quality. In addition, high land prices force real estate enterprises to research products and tap more value. Full decoration is undoubtedly a way for real estate enterprises to achieve a premium, but it is necessary to prevent real estate enterprises from "raising prices in disguise" through full decoration

in fact, full decoration is not a new thing. Many fully decorated buildings have appeared in the Suzhou market, and even in the local auction, there are plots that stipulate the proportion of full decoration. It is understood that Suzhou downing mansion and Baiyue Xihu, which are currently on sale, set full decoration requirements during the land auction in 2015, and in the land auction in Suzhou City this year, some plots also set the proportion of full decoration

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