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With the continuous improvement of people's quality of life, steam ovens, a new product, will gradually enter every family like microwave ovens and electric ovens. However, each kitchen appliance will still encounter some more or less problems in the use process. For this reason, it is very necessary for consumers to know some common sense about the maintenance of kitchen appliances. Today, Kuba Xiaobian sorted out the use and maintenance methods and simple troubleshooting tips about steam furnaces for everyone

tips for use and maintenance:

1. After each use, wait for the machine to cool down, wipe the liner with a rag or open the door of the chassis for natural air drying

2. Check the water pipe and steam generator once a month. First, screw out the water pipe, clean the sediment in the pipe, drop alcohol on the steam generator, and clean it with water after a few minutes. Do not use sponges, wire brushes and other tools to wipe it

3. Please do not use cleaning agent to clean the sink. Just open the door and suck up the water in the sink with a suction ball or sponge

simple troubleshooting tips:

abnormal serial number causes possible factors handling methods

1 the display screen does not light up and the power supply is not connected, Computer board failure check power supply contact condition

2 lamp does not light bulb failure power failure replace the bulb check whether the circuit is connected

3 when working, there is steam overflowing around, the door is not closed tightly, the sealing strip of the door is damaged, check the closing condition of the door

4 when working, the water tank indicator light is on and there is a beep warning that the water tank is short of water or the water supply line is blocked, open the door, add water to the water tank, and check the water supply tank

5 after working for a few minutes, the machine will automatically When the fan is blocked or damaged, find a professional to repair

steaming is the oldest cooking method that began in China. With the concept of healthy diet deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, the steam stove is called a real genius among many kitchen appliances. The launch of steam stove has created a new era of pure steam for China's kitchen appliance industry. I believe that in the near future, it is destined to become a new fashion benchmark for China's kitchen appliance industry





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