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Schneiman took four pavilions, including full house customization, doors and windows, cabinets, and brand comprehensive hall, to the Construction Expo. On the second day of the exhibition, it continued to dominate the screen with high popularity

schneiman showed up at the China Construction Expo with four pavilions, including full house customization, doors and windows, cabinets, and brand comprehensive hall. On the second day of the exhibition, it continued to dominate the screen with high popularity. This high-profile appearance of sieneman comprehensively shows the achievements of sieneman in product research and development, and also shows the sincere attitude of sieneman to truly create a high-quality living space for users

with the improvement of consumers' requirements for quality of life, customization is no longer a traditional customization, but an attitude and a science. Schneiman proposed to customize the full score space and eight lifestyles in this exhibition, breaking the cold customization for the house and replacing it with the full score space customization for the lifestyle. This is a trend, and it is also a new trend of customized home towards big home

Schneider Mann customized Full Score space

Schneider Mann six space systems

complete product system supports the development of big home

in recent years, customization enterprises have taken the development of "big home" as the goal, from a single product to the production of whole house products, and many enterprises are stepping up the pace of moving closer to big home. For many enterprises, it is not easy to move towards big home, which only stays at the slogan stage. To improve their own hard power, a diversified and rich product system can truly seize the opportunities brought by the transformation of market demand, and truly let consumers experience the ideal life customized for living space and lifestyle

in order to make the slogan a reality, Schneider Mann, which has developed at a 70% growth rate for more than a decade in a row, has unique product advantages and is taking firm steps towards the direction of big home based on this. In 2017, sieneman stepped into the cabinet field. So far, its products cover many categories, such as wardrobe, cabinet, doors and windows, sofa, bed, mattress and so on, forming a diversified and all-round large household industry pattern, and grasping the key to market demand in time

schneiman cabinet scientism - left bank star

schneiman cabinet pragmatism - Berlin spring

schneiman cabinet neoclassicism - Downton manor

schneiman cabinet minimalism - Urban silhouette

six spaces new interpretation of lifestyle

the same group has different lifestyles due to different personal characteristics and habits. The home space customized for lifestyle has more quality and temperature. Sieneman divides the whole house into six space systems: entrance, dining room, bedroom, kitchen, multi-function room and balcony, and uses the product characteristics to completely interpret the lifestyle of people, which is more in line with the emotional demands of consumers

schneiman scientism guest restaurant

schneiman scientism guest restaurant

schneiman light luxury bedroom

schneiman Nordic kitchen

the development of large home needs digitization and technology

in order to let consumers better enter the ideal home, and make home customization truly arbitrary and personalized development, schneiman and kujiale work together to provide consumers with 4D cloud customization, so that 10 seconds of analog HD effect 5-minute quick customization of personalized whole house solution has become a reality. Through the huge product data model and the real panoramic house type library, you only need to select the appropriate model to describe the future ideal home. Through VR technology, 720 ° panoramic roaming, 100% WYSIWYG, truly solves the contradiction between the solution design and user needs

4d cloud customization personalized whole house customization experience area

4d cloud customization personalized whole house customization experience

4d cloud customization personalized whole house customization experience

from product customization to lifestyle provider identity transformation, schneiman is closely following the development trend of big home, committed to realizing the spatial customization of users' lifestyle, and is worthy of being a green high-end customization brand leading the fashion trend of big home

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booth information:

whole house customized Pavilion 10.2-19

overall cabinet Pavilion 3.2-13

system door and window Pavilion 15.2-13

comprehensive Pavilion 14.3-25a

exhibition time

July 8 - July 11 9:30-17:00

transportation station

Metro Line 8 Pazhou station exit b

Metro Line 8 Xingang East station-a export

investment hotline: 400--840-0210

official website: www.snimay com





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