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Recently, it's either the official announcement or me, but Xiaobian is "the single dog is me". Looking at this happy couple, my heart is sour. Even if I go to work on weekends, I have to eat a lot of dog food. Although there are so many gossips, my work is still primary. Congratulations to this happy couple, but Xiaobian also has a happy thing to tell you:

with the increasingly large production system of German technology superior doors and windows, in order to realize enterprise digital management, The ERP project, a refined management tool for door and window orders created by German technology and high-quality products, was officially launched

the ERP system of Deji superior doors and windows began to enter the upgrade preparation in July 2018, and the data transfer has been completed in just three months. ERP system is a strategic measure to realize the comprehensive integration and optimization of information management, supply chain management, customer relationship management, enterprise office automation and other functions of Deji premium doors and windows. Then someone will ask what advantages ERP system has? Xiaobian tells you about ERP system

after receiving orders, PMC department can schedule production in time and know the quantity of orders received and dispatched in advance. Accelerate the preparation time of production plan materials and further shorten the delivery cycle

after scanning the code and entering the warehouse, the ERP system can query the warehousing situation and systematically manage the storage of finished products in the warehouse. Ask and answer customers' orders immediately

realize one key pricing and improve the effect of receiving orders. Speed up the response time to customers' orders, so that customers can schedule production immediately after placing orders, which is convenient, fast and worry-free

The use of RP system plays a connecting role in the daily order operation, production progress follow-up, product quality monitoring and other enterprise development of Deji superior doors and windows, and strictly monitors the timely and accurate delivery of products to every customer

rp system integrates the customer demand with the internal production process of Deji superior products and the resources of suppliers to form a complete supply chain, so that Deji superior doors and windows can control the data of "order receiving, production to finished product delivery". This not only improves the internal management efficiency of the company and realizes comprehensive information operation, but also meets the needs of consumers in terms of purchase, order and delivery date

after the ERP system project was officially launched, German technology high-quality doors and windows officially entered a new stage of information construction and development. The leaders of the company attached great importance to this upgrade. At the end of the meeting, Mr. Lei made a summary, requiring all departments to actively put into use and go all out to cooperate with the implementation of ERP project

I believe that with the application of ERP information management system, we will provide customers with more intelligent, convenient and comfortable services, help Deji superior doors and windows expand the terminal market, and promote brand upgrading and transformation again





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