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Flexible deployment, Advantech edge smart switch promotes the application and upgrading of smart light poles

driven by new demands and new technologies such as new smart cities and 5g commerce, smart light poles are regarded as one of the best carriers to realize smart cities and will usher in rapid development

the construction of smart light poles can effectively reduce the cost and increase the efficiency of the overall urban operation, and is conducive to the improvement of urban management efficiency. At present, the national policy guidance strongly supports the research, development and application of smart lamp poles. Cities across the country are gradually launching smart lamp pole graphene, which may be regarded as a trump card pilot application

a pull range of 100 Newtons is enough to help the new construction of the city.

the smart light pole is different from the previous single function light pole. It is based on smart lighting and takes into account the new information infrastructure integrating camera, advertising screen, video monitoring, positioning alarm, new energy vehicle charging, 5g micro base station and other functions. It can complete the functions of lighting, public security, municipal administration, meteorology, environmental protection It is the data monitoring and transmission hub of the new smart city by collecting, publishing and transmitting data information from many industries such as communication. The smart light pole can not only provide systematic and integrated global sensing, information release and terminal management services for the new smart city, but also provide high-quality site resources for the scale deployment of 5g base stations. At the same time, it can also realize the open sharing of infrastructure resources of the smart city

intelligent integration helps application upgrade

as the core brain in the smart light pole, the edge intelligent switch integrates the functions of multi-sensor access, data collection, protocol conversion, network link, data analysis and judgment, emergency linkage, equipment monitoring, etc. Advantech epc-r3220 edge smart switch has the characteristics of flexible, convenient and stable connection. At present, it is applied to smart lamp poles in many provinces

(Yanhua epc-r "great responsibility comes from heaven in an era 3220 smart street lamp application diagram)

industrial grade palm size edge smart switch fearless outdoor environment

Advantech epc-r3220 edge smart switch is equipped with Ti Sitara am3352 cortex-a8 processor, which can provide high computing efficiency, low power consumption and excellent cost-effectiveness. It is also equipped with multiple i/o interfaces, including 2 Gigabit Ethernet, 2 rs-232/422/485 and 6 GPIO, which can meet the overall requirements of smart lamp pole applications. At the same time, it has strong anti-interference ability, wide power input and working temperature range, which can protect the system from damage by unstable power supply and ensure stable operation in outdoor harsh environment

specialized and targeted modifications have been carried out.

efficient deployment of cloud management device real-time status

software. Advantech wise deviceon is built in to support intelligent device maintenance and management software. It can not only effectively and reliably monitor the remote status of devices, but also track the operating status of devices and support wireless network software updates, so as to improve the efficiency of operation and maintenance

epc-r3220 detailed product specification

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