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Flexible multi chamber drug container and its manufacturing method and use

[patent name] flexible multi chamber drug container and its manufacturing method and use

[applicant] B. Brown Medical Company

[inventor] W · w · Barney; N. garibian; D. g. Harvey; M. R. mccronis; C · D · pila; S · L · Bohr; G. Saka; S. J. Sandberg; T · R · sachgucci

[address of the principal applicant] Pennsylvania, USA

[application No.] 6

[application date] April 11, 1997

[Announcement No. of approval of impact on marine life] 17abs, PC and its alloy 20875

[approval announcement date] 2006 because its experimental controller is internally equipped with a computer and data collection system and is connected to the host through a local area network 01.18

[main classification No.] a61b19/00 (2006.01) i

[classification No.] a61b19/00 (2006.01) I a61j1/00 (2006.01) I a61l2/08 (2006.01) I b65d25/08 (2006.01) i

[priority item] 1996.5.13 us 08/647583

[original application No. of divisional case] 0

[sovereignty item] 1. A transmission carrier suitable for disinfection by electron beam irradiation. The transmission carrier contains: a usually rectangular container tray, which encloses a space and includes an outward curved upper periphery to form a horizontally oriented periphery; A guide rail support for carrying a plurality of containers, the guide rail support having a shape that can be accommodated in the space in the tray; And a sealable cover film affixed to the periphery of the horizontal orientation, thereby covering the tray to form a transportable sterile container isolator for transporting and disinfecting the empty container

The invention provides a flexible container (10) for storing and mixing diluent and medicament. The container contains multiple chambers (18 there are many types of inclined impact testing machines on the market, 22), the chambers are separated by strippable seals (24, 26), and the diluent and agent are stored in the chambers. The container is made of thermoplastic materials with high oxygen and moisture barrier properties, so that the container can be stored for a long time without degradation of its contents. The container seal is broken by operation, so that the contents are mixed, which can be applied to the patient through the standard intravenous injection device. The seal provides a non-linear resistance to hydraulic pressure, which allows the seal to be completely stripped along its length. The container also contains a small tie (28) and a conformal groove (27) to ensure that the packaging bag is in a folded state

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