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In order to implement the guiding opinions on promoting the steady growth, adjusting structure and increasing benefits of the building materials industry (GF [2016] No. 34) issued by the State Council, accelerate the structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading of the glass industry, and curb the economic downturn and benefit decline, under the guidance of the raw materials department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, the China Building Materials Federation On July 30, China architectural glass and Industrial Glass Association held the "exchange conference of the flat glass industry to reduce production capacity, stabilize growth, adjust structure and increase efficiency" in Wuhan, Hubei Province

qiaolongde, President of China Building Materials Federation, lvguixin, deputy inspector of raw materials department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, chenguoqing, vice president of China Building Materials Federation and President of China building glass and Industrial Glass Association, wangfujiang, President of Shandong Building Materials Association, Wu zenghai, Secretary General of Hebei building Materials Industry Association, mengxianjiang, President of China building materials news, and others attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by zhangbaiheng, executive vice president and Secretary General of China architectural glass and Industrial Glass Association

wanghuaping, deputy director of Hubei Provincial Commission of economy and information technology, zhangshengyun, deputy director of Shahe Economic Development Zone, Hebei Province, and Huang shaota, Secretary General of Guangdong Glass Association, respectively introduced the development status of the glass industry in their regions at the meeting. Yi Qiaomu, chairman of Wuhan Changli glass, and Wang Gang, chairman of Jinjing group, spoke as enterprise representatives

Mao Lingwen, executive deputy general manager of Kaisheng Technology Group Co., Ltd., cuixiangdong, President of China Glass Holdings Co., Ltd., lengxuefeng, general manager of Xinyi energy saving glass (Wuhu) Co., Ltd., lidegui, deputy general manager of Shanghai yaopi glass, lvyingcheng, President of Yaohua Glass Group Co., Ltd., yangqinglin, chief engineer of Fuyao Glass Industry Group Co., Ltd., and Liuyubin, vice president of Shanxi Lihu glass (Group) Co., Ltd., yaojianhu, general manager of Shahe Safety Industry Co., Ltd., and other enterprise leaders. The meeting also invited relevant heads of the raw materials department of the economic and information technology commissions of Zhejiang, Fujian, Hubei, Jiangsu, Henan, Sichuan, Hebei, Liaoning and other provinces and regions

Zhang baiheng said at the meeting that the glass industry should resolutely implement the policy requirements, and make unremitting efforts to reduce production capacity, adjust structure and make up for weaknesses, which is the only way for the glass industry to get rid of difficulties, increase efficiency and develop healthily and continuously. The fundamental purpose of this meeting is to unify our thinking and raise awareness. If necessary, we should also conduct uncertainty assessment, so as to create conditions for actively implementing policy requirements and taking concerted action. It is also to mobilize and pool the strength of the whole industry, constantly explore effective ways to promote capacity reduction, structural adjustment and weaknesses, jointly promote the solution of common and fundamental problems in the industry, and achieve short-term efficiency in overcoming difficulties

in his work report on the implementation of Document No. 34 in the flat glass industry at the meeting, chenguoqing pointed out that document No. 34 once again defined the objectives of the building materials industry. The glass industry must unswervingly do a good job in the article of reducing production capacity, and take measures to curb new production capacity and eliminate backward production capacity from the economic, legal, tax, financial and other aspects. In addition, the glass industry should change the previous trend of light internationalization, accelerate the pace of "going out", and severely crack down on low-cost dumping and non-standard products

in his speech, Yi Qiaomu introduced the development status of Changli glass, described the main measures and existing difficulties for the company to implement the document in the next step, and put forward the following suggestions for the implementation of Document No. 34: first, local governments should, in accordance with the spirit of the document, issue more detailed and specific plans in terms of industrial policy support and local industry development planning, so as to resist fatigue damage and guide the future market, Truly stimulate the endogenous power of the enterprise; Second, the central and local governments should provide support and preferential policies for the elimination of backward production capacity, the resettlement of surplus personnel in the process of transformation and upgrading, land acquisition, collection and storage, and taxation

Huang shaota proposed to establish a production restriction guarantee and verification mechanism when necessary, take the lead of the glass association to develop a catalogue of supporting products and support policies and measures with strong operability and report them to the competent government departments, strengthen environmental supervision, strengthen energy supervision by testing the insertion force and pull-out force of the machine applicable to various connectors, strengthen the consistency of law enforcement, listen to the opinions of the industry association when approving new and expanded enterprises Implement the "the Belt and Road" strategy and other suggestions

in his speech, Wang Gang believed that the implementation of the guiding opinions in the glass industry should start from the following aspects: first, innovate and upgrade the existing production lines, produce more Low-E coated glass, real (medium) glass, safety glass, personalized curtain wall, photovoltaic, photothermal integrated glass products, and actively develop new products such as fire-resistant glass sheets and electrochromic glass for buildings; Second, vigorously develop relevant products of "organic transformation" of urban construction, such as energy-saving doors and windows to meet the needs of energy-saving transformation of existing buildings; Third, strict law enforcement and supervision, resolutely curb new production capacity, ensure that the price of glass products returns to value, and ensure the sustainable development of the industry

Qiao Longde made an important speech at the meeting. He pointed out that the glass industry has been in disorderly competition in recent years, and there are still many problems that have not been explained clearly, resulting in many years of failure to walk out of the strange circle. In the next step, the whole industry must participate to expose the essential contradictions and deep-seated problems of the industry. Overcapacity is the root cause of the problem. Only by curbing the new capacity, everything will be solved. The whole industry should unite, set goals, create an atmosphere, improve cohesion, and enhance the overall situation and sense of society. We can no longer wait indefinitely. We should do a good job in industry self-discipline. Guide enterprises to operate in a standardized and fair manner. The industry should carefully understand the spirit of the guiding opinions, be down-to-earth, come up with specific, easy to operate and effective measures to implement them after implementation, make sound on the ground, and grasp the iron trace

lvguixin pointed out in his speech that although the situation of the glass industry improved in the first half of the year, it still belongs to the restorative rise after the sharp decline last year. On the whole, the situation of the industry is still very serious. We should have a clear understanding of this and never be blindly optimistic. Document No. 34 has been issued, and the overall plan, policies and measures have been determined. In the next step, the industry is required to internalize and externalize on the basis of careful study, so as to achieve the unity of knowledge and practice, and enhance the awareness of the overall situation, alignment and self-discipline. The implementation of various policies, especially flat glass, is a key industry specified in Document No. 34. The degree and effect of implementation are related to whether the task of stabilizing growth, adjusting structure and increasing benefits of the entire building materials industry can be completed. To this end, all parties should work hard and work together to achieve practical results

the conference also held the unveiling ceremony of the Low-E energy-saving glass promotion and application alliance. Chenguoqing was appointed as the chairman of the alliance, and China building materials will surely return to the peak in time. He Jun, Deputy Secretary General of the Federation, was appointed as the Secretary General of the alliance

zhouzhiwu, Executive Deputy Secretary General of China building glass and Industrial Glass Association, introduced the main contents of the three policy discussion drafts of the special fund scheme for the establishment of industrial structure adjustment for flat glass, the self discipline and coordination Convention for the flat glass industry, and several opinions on strengthening the regional market governance and coordination of flat glass formulated by the glass association. The participants also discussed and exchanged views on document 34 and the above three documents

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