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Dongfang turbine: a "flag" rising in the Western equipment manufacturing industry on the morning of the 19th, the new base of Dongfang turbine Co., Ltd., located in bajiaojing Town, Deyang City, Sichuan Province, presented a busy scene in every workshop: the roar of machines resounded through our ears, and the workers of Dongfang turbine in Smurfs' work clothes were skillfully operating equipment production and processing

Western China has rich energy and mineral resources, The western development strategy has also driven the great development of the western energy industry. In the past 10 years, Dongfang Motor Corporation has firmly seized this historical opportunity, relying on high-tech and independent innovation, rapidly expanded characteristic and advantageous industries, formed a new energy development pattern in which hydropower, nuclear power, wind power, solar energy and other electricity are simultaneously developed, and has become a flag for the rise of equipment manufacturing industry in Western China

zhangzhiying, general manager of Dongfang Motor Corporation, believes that the 10 years of western development are the golden period for the development of Dongfang Motor Corporation. He was proud to say that from the dominance of thermal power to the simultaneous development of four power sources, and then to the simultaneous development of multiple power sources, through external and internal connections, Dongfang motor has been involved in the fields of gas power, nuclear power, wind power, solar photovoltaic industry and seawater desalination, leading industrial innovation with thinking innovation and driving product innovation with industrial innovation, and has found a new energy development path with reasonable layout, in place management, rich connotation and complete products

zhangzhiying believes that the implementation of the western development strategy has not only brought development opportunities and broad market space to the enterprise, but also brought the concept of scientific development. Independent innovation and promoting structural adjustment are the true reflection of the state-owned enterprise's implementation of the scientific concept of development

in November, 2004, Dongfang Motor Corporation introduced the manufacturing technology of foreign conventional wind power generation equipment. After digestion and absorption, within one year, it developed and produced the first batch of domestic high-power low-temperature wind turbines, with a localization rate of more than 75%, which can operate normally in the harsh environment of minus 30 degrees Celsius for 20 years. This technology indicates that China has made great progress in the localization of wind power generation, a clean, environmentally friendly and renewable energy power generation field

through independent innovation, Dongfang motor's products have been increasingly recognized by the market, and its output has doubled: in 2004, the annual output of Dongfang motor's power generation equipment exceeded 10 million KW; In 2005, the annual output of Dongqi power generation equipment exceeded 20million kW; In 2006, the total output of Dongqi power generation equipment exceeded 100 million kilowatts, and the goal of achieving a total industrial output value of more than 10 billion yuan was realized. The basic principle of the electric principle box icon of the xk11 automatic small-scale tensile testing machine

. However, after the earthquake, Dongfang motor did not fall. In 2008, Dongfang Motor Co., Ltd. achieved an annual output value of 10.8 billion yuan and an annual output of 23.2 million kilowatts under the condition of severe earthquake disasters

the impact of the international financial crisis on the economy and society is no less than a major earthquake. With the change of the international economic situation, the market demand for traditional thermal power generating units has declined, while the huge orders received by Dongfang motor after the earthquake have increased

why does this phenomenon occur? Zhangzhiying said that Dongfang Motor Co., Ltd., a proactive industrial structure adjustment strategy, has played an important role in coping with the international financial crisis. If we do not actively adjust the industrial structure today, we will be adjusted by the industrial structure tomorrow

in the interview with Dongfang Motor Corporation, I saw a work plan of the company for 2010:

R & D tasks: in addition to maintaining the leading level of the four leading products of thermal power, gas turbine combined cycle, nuclear power and wind power, it will also develop renewable energy technologies such as fuel cells, sewage treatment membranes and seawater desalination membranes that store wind and solar energy

transformation of super quality management: identify tens of thousands of small and medium-sized parts such as gas seal ring, gas seal body, bolts and nuts, and establish a traceability system for the ambient temperature of facilities

start to launch the national gas turbine test-bed with an investment of 200million yuan, and the national wind turbine test-bed with an investment of 300million yuan in the experiment of the pull universal test-bed

the development of Dongfang motor is only the epitome of the equipment manufacturing industry in the West. Enterprises like Dongfang Motor Corporation are taking steps to change the concave face of the Western equipment manufacturing industry in terms of graphene carbon material technology. The action plan for the adjustment and revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry issued by Sichuan Province clearly points out that it focuses on the development of eight industrial chains, including large clean and efficient power generation equipment, aerospace and air traffic control equipment, locomotive and vehicle products, oil drilling and production and petrochemical equipment. It is planned to build the equipment industry of the province into a value-added industry with strong competitiveness in the domestic and international markets by 2011, The sales revenue reached 380billion yuan, with an average annual growth rate of more than 20%

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