The hottest vacuum packed chicken breast

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Vacuum packed chicken breast

vacuum soft packaging series chicken products are made of high-quality frozen or fresh chicken through finishing, molding, cooking (smoking), sterilization and other processes. These products can be divided into smoking and cooking from the processing technology, and can be divided into whole and cut into pieces from the appearance. These products maximize the original flavor, tissue morphology and moisture of chicken breast, and have a soft taste, It is suitable for old dogs, puppies, cats and so on

I. sensory indicators

1. Color: smoke products are yellow red, cooking products are light yellow, and the color is relatively uniform

2. Tissue morphology: keep the natural shape of small breast, with moderate softness and hardness. A little water is allowed in the bag, but it shall not affect the appearance

3. Flavor: smoked products have the natural flavor of fresh breast smoked without peculiar smell, and cooking products have the natural taste of fresh chicken breast

4. Impurities: shall not exist

II. Physical and chemical indicators

(5) new experiment: save the current experimental results and start a new experiment. 1. Nutritional composition indicators:

crude protein: more than 40% crude fat: more than 1.0%

crude fiber: less than 0.2% crude ash: less than 1.3%

2. Moisture: less than 55.0% for smoking and less than 67% for cooking

III. external high quotation index of microorganisms: in line with commercial sterility

total bacteria: 100000/g

microbial index: no pathogenic bacteria

Salmonella: do not detect

Staphylococcus aureus: 1. Generally, it is required that the rubber tension experiment can calculate the force value with the accuracy of more than two decimal places. Do not detect

Escherichia coli: negative

III. product packaging: net weight 45g/bag, one large bag per 10 small bags, and one box per 12 large bags, that is, 120 bags per box

source: China pet Exhibition

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