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Nanjing: vacuum packed hairy crabs will appear before the festival

the fifth "National Spring Festival Food Fair" will be opened at the Nanjing International Exhibition Center on the 19th of this month, and there will be a special purchase day. On the occasion of the exhibition, the force sensor went to the camp and picked up some information about popular new year goods

hairy crabs have always been a favorite delicacy of Nanjing people, but can you still eat fresh and delicious hairy crabs after the Double Ninth Festival? Now there is a new processing and preservation technology, which can vacuum pack hairy crabs and eat them immediately

it is reported that the "thick juice fresh flavor crab" developed by a company in Suqian adopts innovative technology for river crabs. The processed hairy crabs with good "color, aroma, taste, shape and taste" are vacuum packed. Consumers can eat them immediately after purchase, and the shelf life is as long as 6 months, which saves the tedious processing and can taste fresh and delicious hairy crabs for a long time. At the beginning of 2005, the first batch of products were launched in some cities and were widely praised. This exhibition is also the first "appearance" of "thick juice fresh crab" in Shicheng. The company not only brought 8000 boxes of fine products, but also has spicy and fresh flavors. Each box contains 6 hairy crabs, each weighing about 200 grams. Citizens who like to taste fresh will be able to have a good meal at that time. Because the "thick juice fresh crab" is packaged in a gift box, it is also beautiful and practical to give to relatives and friends

it is reported that there will be a very delicate shrimp sauce "showing up" at the fair. It is composed of many small shrimps less than one centimeter long in China. After cleaning, juicing, seasoning, and pickling, it tastes delicious and rich. It can be cooked, served or eaten alone. The price is also cheap. You can buy a full bottle for 15 yuan. "This kind of shrimp is the smallest shrimp in the world. It is produced in the Yellow Sea and is rare in Jiangsu." The person in charge of the manufacturer said

in addition, the more nutritious marine vegetables that are responsible for the detection of green leafy vegetables in charge of Bipu certification will also be unveiled at the trade fair D. the vegetables such as sea asparagus, sea English vegetables and sea bumps are the latest developed marine vegetables, which grow on the coastal beaches of Dafeng, Jiangsu Province and are watered with seawater. There are a total of 6-7 varieties, rich in a variety of trace elements of marine products. Regular consumption is of great benefit to human health

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