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Vale world-class ships will dock at Yantai port in September. Vale world-class ships will dock at Yantai port in September. In terms of cost performance, Vale has recently agreed with Yantai port group that Vale's three world-class large ships, including Brazilian pill, Louis and unicorn, will dock at 501# berth in the West Port Area of Yantai port in mid September for unloading For the businesses of stockpiling, mixing and transshipment, the carrying capacity of the three ships is close to 300000 tons, and the draft is greater than 21 meters

it is reported that in order to compete with aokuang, Vale has formulated a development plan to double its sales in China, mainly taking two measures: building large ships (400000 tons) and selecting sites to lay out mixing bases. The berthing of three large ships in Yantai port is a trial for the large import of high-end products in the layout and construction of a mixed distribution base along the coast of China. Vale has previously carried out similar businesses in Dalian, Qingdao and Lianyungang, while Yantai port has become its largest target port for mixed distribution by virtue of its excellent transit location advantages and wharf water depth conditions, with a total amount of 9 million tons before fitlin put the above-mentioned plan on new Dow into practice. The smooth development of this loading and unloading operation and mixed distribution business will lay the foundation for 400000 ton ships to berth in Yantai port and carry out close cooperation with vale at the capital level in the future

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