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Vacuum soundproof windows have better soundproof effect than hollow soundproof windows

What if the noise is too loud? Vacuum soundproof windows to help - doors and windows with better soundproof effect than hollow soundproof windows

why is there still noise when you close doors and windows when you live next to an elevated road (the road improves the effectiveness of registration and approval)

because the main reason for the non sound insulation of doors and windows is the problem of glass, so you must replace your glass with sound insulation glass. Secondly, there is the problem of the tightness between the window frame and the window sash. You need to replace high-quality sound insulation strips and seals

why is the sound insulation effect of vacuum glass better than that of medium air glass

vacuum glass and insulating glass are both double-layer glass. Haoxiang vacuum sound insulation glass is based on the principle of thermos bottle, which seals the surrounding of two pieces of flat glass, vacuumizes the gap and seals the exhaust port to form a vacuum layer. Because sound transmission needs media, air is the best medium for sound transmission. Using vacuum glass is equivalent to cutting off the path of sound transmission; The insulating glass does not suck out the air, and the medium of sound transmission is still there, but the consumption of double-layer glass can also reduce a certain amount of noise. If you add another insulating insulating window inside the original window, you can also achieve a very good sound insulation effect. But although the noise is reduced, you can still hear it clearly, because its principle is to consume noise, and the vacuum glass is to isolate noise

why can traditional aluminum alloy windows be directly retrofitted with vacuum glass for sound insulation

record the mold hole number measured continuously, or larger or smaller than the average value, because the glass of traditional aluminum alloy windows is generally 5 mm thick, plus 3 mm gaps on both sides if oil leakage is found, a total of 11 mm cavities, while Haoxiang technology vacuum sound insulation glass is only 6mm-1cm thick, and the existing residential window frame can be installed by replacing the original glass.

why do you have to install sound insulation strips

general windows, especially sliding windows, have a large moving area, so the sound leakage is the most serious. Simply replacing the window soundproof strip can reduce the noise by 3-5 dB (compared with before and after the installation of the same pilot indoor, it is desirable to reduce the noise by 3 dB and obtain the consent of the customer, which means that the volume felt by the human ear has been reduced by half)

what is the principle of sound insulation

sound propagation, like water waves, is also a kind of wave, which is driven by potential energy. The sound insulation strip contains special sound insulation cotton, which can maximize the consumption of this energy

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