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Xiamen International Stone Exhibition is full of dry goods, and many new machines and new technologies appear

Xiamen International Stone Exhibition is full of new products, new technologies and new ideas, which are mostly caused by the poor high-speed dynamic balance of the fan rotor; Spark of new design. The picture shows the grand occasion of the crowded exhibition area and surging business opportunities yesterday

Xiamen news (text: Wu Junning, Cai Mianmian, intern Ma Ximin; picture: Huang Xiaozhen, Xiamen) industry is revitalized and design is advanced. Yesterday, the 19th Xiamen International Stone Exhibition, which entered the second day of the exhibition, was full of sparks of new products, new technologies, new ideas and new designs. Several centuries ago, the masterpieces of nature, scattered with stones with different world characteristics, never seen application design, master's new works, cutting-edge information of the stone industry... With the platform advantage of great professionalism, scale and influence, the stone exhibition has provided all participants with a feast for the eyes and close contact with business opportunities. Exhibitors frequently praise this stone event full of dry goods and surging business opportunities


bringing forth new machinery through the old is more intelligent

the stone machinery exhibition area attracts many merchants

the intellectualization and automation of stone machinery is a highlight of this stone exhibition. The exhibitors all came up with their own high-end "star products", and many new technologies and new machines were unveiled

at the door of C3 exhibition hall, four powerful fork loaders are listed in turn. As an old friend who has participated in the exhibition for more than ten consecutive years, Xiajin machinery has brought the latest R & D product - "xje", the fifth generation fork loader, to the Xiamen Exhibition for the first time this year. Yang Bing, assistant general manager of Xiajin machinery, said that this is the world's largest forklift loader with a rated load of 52 tons. It is widely praised in Brazil, India and other countries, and has also passed the highest level technical appraisal of the China Federation of industry

Yunfu Kete machinery has obtained the national patent product certification. When arriving at the booth of Kete machinery, maiwenzhi, the manager of Kete machinery company, was demonstrating a high-tech product - intelligent bridge cutting. The AI automatic tool setting and cutting function of the machine was recognized by customers. Maiwenzhi introduced that this "intelligent bridge cutting" can read the QR code, automatically call out the cutting scheme for simulation verification, and can also AI tool setting, automatic labeling, one key cutting and automatic version shifting. This is the latest product of the enterprise in intelligent R & D and application. The intellectualization of stone machinery has greatly improved the stone production rate and utilization rate, while reducing labor costs


cross border exploration endows stone soul

bed made of stone

nowadays, opportunities and challenges coexist in the stone industry, and more and more new cross-border models are born. This stone exhibition not only focuses on the core of stone quality, but also focuses on the innovation of stone design and application. Stone suppliers with rich products and domestic and foreign design masters unite to endow stone with a unique soul

the "stone infinite - Product Design Exhibition" held for the second time this year is a concentrated presentation of cutting-edge design concepts. From 200 square meters last year to 2000 square meters, 23 enterprises from Sweden, Germany, Spain, the United States, Brazil, Singapore and China brought their "Royal designers" to the exhibition, bringing excellent stone application design products, breaking the wrong stereotype of stone for the audience, deconstructing the changes in market demand, and defining the stone lifestyle

guidoni concept, one of the largest granite producers and exporters in Brazil, is a representative enterprise that must understand all these processing processes and participate in the exhibition with designers this time. The whirling bamboo shadow and the gurgling sound of water attract many visitors to their booth. Veronica Petropolis, its marketing manager, said that this time they cooperated with Fernando Jaeger, a Brazilian designer, to present classic living crafts with Brazilian natural marble and show the natural beauty and design potential of Brazilian rocks. It is understood that guidoni's products are exported to 70 countries on five continents. China is its largest Asian market, and this Xiamen stone exhibition is also their largest Asian exhibition


merchants with booming supply and demand have achieved a lot

merchants from Australia place orders with exhibitors

after 19 years of intensive cultivation, Xiamen stone exhibition has already developed into an industry weathervane. This year, not only professionals in the stone industry, but also a large number of architects, designers, real estate developers, engineers, dealers, etc. came to the exhibition, which attracted more from Switzerland, Germany, Palestine, Australia, Poland, Iran, Oman, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, the United States, Russia, Belgium, France, Poland, India Buyers from more than 30 countries including Thailand

Hibi Muamba from Italy is engaged in the stone industry and came to Xiamen Stone Exhibition for the third time. "Xiamen has changed so much that I can hardly recognize it." He said that through the Xiamen stone exhibition, he has made many industry friends and been exposed to the latest products and market information. "In a few days, you can find the products you want all over the world." In addition, he expressed his appreciation of Chinese culture and wanted to introduce his brand and products to the domestic market with the help of stone exhibition

"Xiamen international stone exhibition brings together the cutting-edge industry design at home and abroad, which is very representative." Said Tianbao, a designer from Chengdu. He pointed to a huge slate and said that sometimes you can suddenly get inspiration from a certain stone

Mr. Li and his partners from Shuitou, the "hometown of stone", came to the exhibition early yesterday morning. "Although there are stone exhibitions in Shuitou, the Xiamen stone exhibition is larger, more popular and richer in products." This time, he hopes to find suitable products to cooperate with manufacturers. At present, he has intention and is paying close attention to negotiation

exhibitors' voices

exhibitors introduce products to customers

- Lin Shengnian, deputy director of marketing of Kaiping rose art mosaic Co., Ltd.:

exhibition channels can be established

explore more business opportunities

we have participated in the exhibition for six consecutive years, and this year we have brought new ice diamond products. In addition to promoting new products, the purpose of the exhibition is to establish channels and tap more potential business opportunities and customers. Xiamen stone also has nearly 50 partnership projects under negotiation. The investment attraction ability and brand communication power of the exhibition are highly recognized by the industry. Participating in the stone exhibition is not only conducive to establishing a brand image, but also to realize the docking of products, customers and markets

- Tian Ping, Chinese representative of Italian brand Antonini:

Xiamen International Stone Exhibition

enjoys a high reputation in the world

Antonini has always attached importance to the Chinese market and has previously participated in relevant exhibitions in Beijing and Shanghai. 8. After each experiment of the wire rod change experimental machine, Xiamen stone exhibition enjoys a high reputation in the world. We are interested in the popularity and influence of Xiamen stone exhibition, so we have participated in the exhibition for consecutive years, and more than 30 new products have been released every year, and 18 new products have been brought to the exhibition this time

- Yang Bing, assistant general manager of Xiajin machinery:

close to customer needs

to win the market

the new 52 ton forklift loader unveiled at this year's stone exhibition has undergone three technical upgrades. We always take technology and products as the foundation, pay attention to product technology upgrading, pay attention to product quality, constantly close to customer needs, and gradually gain customer recognition. This is also one of the reasons why we can maintain our competitiveness without fighting a "price war"

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