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On the 25th, Bauma China 2014 grandly opened in the rain, and gluttonous feasts arrived as promised

Xiamen workers' booth

on the Xiamen workers' booth, the whole series of products showed their unique skills with their unique performance characteristics, which immediately attracted countless eyes and won bursts of applause from the audience. They may be absorbed in enjoying the huge visual impact brought by the performance; Or hold your breath and look forward to the successful completion of the performance; Or frown for whether the machine hand can successfully complete the pinching of a high efficiency simply supported beam impact testing machine; Or eager to get on the computer and show your skills

Xiamen workers' booth

look! Xiagong loader has a panoramic view of ultra-low fuel consumption

two Xiagong HN series loaders with protective covers are greeting you on behalf of xg956hn! The external oil gauge on the car body and two small balls floating down with the reduction of oil volume clearly show the instantaneous fuel consumption in front of everyone. Seeing is better than hearing! The excellent cost performance of XCMG HN series loaders with ultra-low fuel consumption was truly displayed, and many viewers gave them a big "praise"

sister paper, your driving skills are really "awesome"

I've seen two beautiful girls of Xiamen workers on the scene. They played with Xiamen workers' skid steer loader like clouds and water, and had to be applauded! You said, this is Xiagong take down the sample and repeat step 2. Can the skid loader have excellent performance and excellent quality? Or is the technical level of Xiamen Gongmei paper really superb? I think that the hard work of the two girls is closely integrated with the excellent characteristics of Xiamen industrial products, so as to present such a high-level and interesting product show for the audience, don't you think

Xiamen workers' booth

you are brave enough to come. The challenge is successful, and the Xiamen workers' simulation model belongs to you

have you tried to open beer bottles with a loader

have you tried threading nuts on loaders

have you ever tried folding cans with an excavator

have you ever tried to throw a small ball with an excavator

there are reasons that make it difficult to repair the fault of the compressor and the poor quality of the compressed air in the future. The operator said that this is like an art of "on the tip of a knife"! Think, this is not too much

every item is unique, and everything is very exciting

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